Science Fair

  1.  Science Fair Peer Evaluations will be held on Thurs. Jan 23.  This is a chance to practice your presentation and see what projects other students have come up with.  Bring your poster board, report,  and journal.  If you do not want to bring your poster board, take a photo of it, so you can show it during your presentation.  Bring your report and journal so you can refer to the information there.

If you are in my block 8 class, you will be presenting from 8:30-10am in the N.Caf.

If you are in my block 3 and 4 class, you will be presenting from 10:15-11:45ish in the N.Caf.

Use the feedback you get to make improvements to your project over the weekend.  Continue to practice your oral presentations!

2.  Science Fair Judging will take place on Monday, Jan 27 for block 3 and 4 during class and on Tuesday, Jan 28 for block 8.  You can drop off your display boards at 8:30am in my classroom and set them up at the beginning of your class.  You will hand in the report and journal at the end of class.  You will store your display boards in class for 1-2 weeks and then will take them home.

Block 8 – Law of Reflection Assessment – Final Day; work on Science Fair projects

  1. Mark section 5.2 worksheet pages and hand in.
  2. Today, students had time to complete the Law of Reflection Assessment
  3. Work on your science fair report and organize what you need to do this week to complete your project.
  4. Reminders:

Tuesday Jan 21 – Goal Day

8:30-11:30am  focus on Science 8 – you can complete assignments for term 2, work on your projects, etc…


12:30-2:30pm  open classroom – you can complete assignments for term 2, work on your projects, etc….   Between 12:30-1:45pm, the gr11s and 12s will be writing tests in my classroom, so you will need to work quietly during that time.


Thursday Jan 23 – Science Fair Peer Evaluation in the N.Caf.- Bring display boards or picture of it,  reports, journals.  You will need to find a classroom to store your equipment until you are ready to take it home.  Since I am in the N.Ca

My block 8 class will be presenting from 8:30-about 10am.

My block 3 and 4 classes will be presenting from 10:15am to 11:45am.


Ch4 Test

  1.  Hand in ch4 Notes and review worksheet.
  2. Today, students wrote the ch4 test.
  3. Tuesday, Jan 21 – Goal Day – students who have already completed their test corrections and have spoken to me can come at 12:30pm to write their retest (or at the time you already scheduled with me).  Any assignments since the beginning of Term 2 are due by Goal Day.
  4. Thurs. Jan 23 – volunteers to mentor the gr8s with their science fair projects can meet at the N.Cafeteria from 8:30-10ish and from 10:30 to 11:45ish.
  5. Tues. Jan.28 – the class will be judging science fair projects.  Bring a calculator to help total the scores!  Think about who you would like to pair up with AND/OR if you are confident to judge projects on your own, then you can let me know.

Law of Reflection Assessment Day 2 (block 8)

  1.  Continue with the Law of Reflection Assessment.
  2. Students had time to work on their science fair projects, look at past displays and reports
  3. Reminder:  Goal Day Tuesday  8:30-11:30am Science 8;  12:30-1:45pm Chem11/12 tests;  12:30-2:30pm open classroom
  4. Thursday, Jan 23:  Ms Shim’s block 8 class will do their peer assessments from 8:30-10:00ish in the North Cafeteria.  You will probably peer evaluate 1-2 projects and present your project 1-2 times.  They will clean up their materials and can move to a Flex classroom to discuss their feedback and changes they want to make.
  5. Thurs Jan 23:  Ms Shim’s block 3 and 4 classes will do their peer assessments from 10:15-11:45ish in the North Cafeteria.  Please do not enter the N.Caf early.  Wait until you are told to set up your project.  You will probably peer evaluate 1-2 projects and present your projects 1-2 times.  Clean up!
  6. The cafeteria must be clear by 12:15pm so your counselors can set up for Course Selections.  All grade 8s should attend their Course Selection session.

Sci Fair Prep and Review of Ch4

  1. Today, students reviewed controlled experiments, variables and controls, the marking rubric, and do’s and don’ts to help prepare to judge science fair projects.
  2. Volunteer to help mentor the gr8s and 9Es on Thurs. Jan 23 between 8:30-10ish and/or 10:15-11:45ish!
  3. Finish ch4 notes and review worksheet.  Hand in next class.  See answer key for ch4 review worksheet here:  Ch4 Review Worksheet Answers
  4. Ch4 test next class (Monday).  Outline:  (sorry I changed it a bit block 5! fewer mc and more written)about 20 multiple choice questions and about 5 written questions.  The written questions will focus on molarity calculations and precipitation reactions.
  5.  Warm up!  Molarity PreTest Worksheet  This is extra, extra practice on molarity calcualtions if you have completed all other practice.
  6. Hand in Lab 20C.

Snow Day- what to do in the meantime

After you have had fun in the snow and have warmed up, you can make sure you have completed reading section 1-5 of Unit III and done some practice questions from each section.

For extra practice, the worksheet (posted with answer key on last day’s blog) is very good and will help you review the major topics from each section.

Friday, Jan 17 – Unit III test on sections 1-5.  There will be about 30 multiple choice questions and 2 written questions.  Since we were supposed to do some review/training for judging science fair projects today, I will omit the 2 written questions and use the last 15-20 minutes of class to do the judges training.

The test will have a large proportion based on precipitation reactions, but will also include understanding of vocabulary terms and molarity calculations.


Goal Day on Tuesday, Jan 21   12:30-1:45pm Keq retests, make sure you have completed your test corrections and have spoken to me

Sci Fair mentoring Thurs. Jan 23 8:30-10:15am;  10:30-11:45am – to help give feedback to the students presenting their projects.  This will also give you a preview of some of the projects.

Monday, Jan 27 – Science Fair judging – you will evaluate the projects using a rubric and give feedback to the students

Review of Unit III sec1-5

  1.  Hand in labs 16D and 16E if you haven’t already.
  2. Review of Unit III sections 1-5.  Any questions?  Make sure you have read and done practice questions from the workbook.  Extra practice worksheet and answer key posted on last day’s blog.
  3. Preparation to judge science fair projects- review of controlled experiments, look at the marking rubric, do’s and don’ts of assessing the projects
  4. Volunteers to mentor on Thurs. Jan 23 in the morning 8:30-10ish and 10:30ish to 11:45ish.
  5. Reminder:  Goal Day on Tuesday, Jan 21.  Retests for Keq from 12:30-1:45pm.  Make sure you have done your test corretions and talked to me to get extra practice.

Law of Reflection Assessment

Blocks 3 and 4 – Wed. Jan 15 (Snow Day)

Your class lesson would be the same as block 8’s lesson yesterday (see below).  In the meantime:

-continue working on collecting data for your science fair project and start writing your report.

-From the progress report you received last class, complete any assignments that have an “I” or blank and you can do corrections for any assignment not “FM” yet.

-Book Flex time if you want to work in our classroom.

Block 8’s lesson Tues. Jan 14:

  1.  We will go over section 5.2 worksheet pages next class.
  2. Look at your current progress report for Term 2.  If you have an “I” or blank, you need to complete the assignment or test.  If you do not have an “FM”, you can do corrections and resubmit your assignment.
  3. Any assignments so far for term 2, try to finish by Goal Day Jan 21.
  4. Do:  Law of Reflection Assessment Level 1

Our schedule for the next week:

This week:  Law of Reflection Assessment and time to work on sci fair projects

Tues. Jan 21 – Goal Day   8:30-11:30 Science 8;   12:30-1:45pm Chem11H/12 tests; 12:30-2:30pm open classroom time for anyone to come work

Thurs. Jan 23 – Peer evaluations in the morning – you will have the chance to practice your presentations and get feedback.  You will be able to see other projects and what their ideas are and give feedback to them.

Mon. Jan 27 – block 3 and 4 Science Fair Judging – bring display board, report, journals

Tues. Jan 28 – block 8 Science Fair judging – bring display board, report, journals

Lab 20C Titrations

  1.  Do:  Lab 20C.  Work in groups of 4.  One pair starts with part 1, the other with part 2.  If you run out of time, you can get the data from your other group members.
  2. Questions for the lab:  1.  What is the molarity of the HCl solution?   2.  What is the percent purity of the vinegar solution?
  3. Finish reading ch4 and taking notes.
  4. Do:  Ch4 review worksheet.

Our schedule for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Next class:  We will be reviewing the scientific method and how to make a controlled experiment.  We will also have time for reviewing chapter 4 and asking questions.
  2. Ch4 test on Monday, Jan 20.  Notes and review worksheets due.
  3. Tues Jan 21 – Goal Day!  Any assignments and tests for the first half of Term 2 are due by Goal Day.
  4. Thurs Jan 23 – be a mentor to the gr8s and 9s!  In the morning, the gr8s and 9s will be peer evaluating science fair projects.  It would be great to have some senior science students (gr10/11/12) to mentor them.  You would listen to their presentations and give them some feedback.  Students have the weekend to make any changes to improve their project.
  5. Tues. Jan 28 – we will be judging science fair projects during class.
  6. Thurs. Jan 30 – start chapter 5!

Finish Lab 16E

  1.  Finish Lab 16E and submit what you think the identity of your unknowns are.
  2. Make sure you are up to date on your readings and practice questions for Unit III.
  3. Finish any test corrections for the Keq test.  If you scored less than 86% and want to write a retes, talk to me so I can check your test corrections and give you some extra practice.  The retest will be on Goal Day, Jan 21, from 12:30-1:45pm.
  4. Review worksheet (do this after you have finished practice questions from the workbook):  Ch12Unit3Review-1 do #1-25.  See answer key here:  Ch12Unit3ReviewKEY (1)
  5. Unit III sections 1-5 Test will be on Friday, Jan 17.
  6. Next class, we will start Ksp and will do some review of the scientific method to prepare you to judges our gr8 and gr9 science fair projects.  Volunteers who are able to help on the morning of Thurs Jan 23 to mentor the students can sign up with me!