Finish Activity 8.2

  1.  I will be able to find the slope of a graph.  From the best fit line graph you drew last class, select 2 points on the line.  Find their x and y coordinates.  Find the change in the coordinates (i.e.  for the change in y = y2 – y1)  The ratio you get from the change in y compared to the change in x gives you a relationship between mass and weight.
  2. Note:  with good measurements and a good graph drawn, your relationship should be similar to 1 g = 0.01N   or  1kg = 10N.
  3. Finish Q#1-3 for the activity.  Staple the graph to your lab sheet and hand in.
  4. Block 6 do:  Worksheet for section 8.1.  We will continue section 8.2 next class.
  5. Block 5:  we ran out of time to discuss section 8.2 and we will cover that next class.
  6. In the meantime:  show your parents your Interim Report.  If you have an “I” standing, you need to come on Goal Day to complete assignments or rewrite tests to pass that unit.
  7. Continue to brainstorm science fair project ideas and come talk to me!  (best time is after school)

Review of Unit III

  1.  Hand in Lab 2A.
  2. Quizlet live!  How well do you understand the vocabulary terms and can you give examples?
  3. Finish your study notes, workbook questions, ask questions during class, etc….
  4. Unit III Test outline:   about 30 multiple choice questions and the written section will involve methods of separating mixtures.  You will need to bring a pencil, ruler, and scientific calculator.  Main topics:  properties of matter, states of matter, tree of chemistree, physical and chemical properties, physical and chemical changes, ways of separating mixtures.

Force of Gravity

  1.  Hand in section 8.1 WS.
  2. Activity:  Force of Gravity (p.281) – I will be able to draw a graph with a best-fit line.  (see this website for instructions:  I will be able to find the slope of a graph.
  3. HW:  Finish the graph for your activity.  You can try to answer the questions for the lab, but I will show you how to use your graph to answer the questions if you need help.
  4. HW:  Brainstorm ideas for your science project!  Come talk to me and get your project approved before you start.  You (and your partner) should come after school next week to discuss your ideas with me.

Finish Lab 2A write up

  1.  Quizlet Live review!
  2. Finish Lab 2A write up – make graphs of the cooling and heating curves (see website from last blog for tips on how to make a good line graph).  Do:  Analysis questions for parts 1 and 2 questions #1-2,  Follow Up questions #1-2, and a Conclusion.  Lab is due Friday.
  3. Ask questions!  Finish your study notes for Unit III.
  4. Unit III test on Wed. Nov. 14
  5. Reminder:  any assignments for Term 1 is due by Nov.20 (Goal Day)

May the Forces be with You!

  1.  Go over Scientific Method quiz.
  2. I will be able to describe the difference between contact forces and action-at-a-distance forces and give examples of each.
  3. Do:  Read section 8.1 and fill in the worksheet.  See copy here:  What Type of Force is Shown
  4. Activity:  Force of Gravity – using a force meter (Newton scale), measure the force of gravity on different masses.  Make a graph that shows the relationship between the force of gravity (in Newtons) and the mass (in grams or kg).  Draw the best fit line.  Answer the question on the worksheet.  See copy here:
  5. Reminder:  brainstorm ideas for your science fair project!  Ideas due and approved by Nov.20.

Keq Calculations

  1. Did you hand in your Rainbow Lab?
  2. I will be able to find the concentration of species in an equilibrium using the Keq expression.
  3. See class examples here:  Sample Problem 1Sample Problem 2Sample Problem 3Sample Problem 4
  4. Do:  in the blue textbook #21, 25 (easier Q’s) and do AS MANY AS YOU CAN of #27-42 (ie. do all the odd number questions)
  5. Le Chatelier’s Principle Test next class based on section 15.1 – 15.3 and 15.6.  There will about 20-30 mc questions and a written section where you will need to explain equilibrium shifts using collision theory and rates, predicting the type of reaction using enthalpy and entropy, and drawing/interpreting equilibrium graphs.

Lab 2A – Cooling and Heating Curves

  1.  Prelab check!
  2. Do:  Lab 2A – Heating and Cooling Curves of Lauric Acid
  3. Do:  Analysis of Data for Part 1 and 2  Questions #1-2 (for both parts);  Follow Up Questions #1-2 and Conclusion.  You will be given time on Wed to finish your lab write up.  To help you draw your graph, follow the instructions given here:
  4. Reminder:  Unit III test on Wed. Nov. 14.
  5. Reminder:  Any assignments for Term 1 is due by Nov.20 (Goal Day)

Keq – the Equilibrium Constant Expression

  1.  Hand in your group Rainbow Lab.
  2. Do: WS:  “Equilibrium”
  3. I will be able to explain how much the equilibrium shifts.  See block 8 notes here:  The Equilibrium Constant Expression
  4. Do:  Le Chatelier’s Principle WS for extra practice.  Answers are posted here:  Le Chateliers Principle Worksheet answer key
  5. Do:  Equilibrium #4 WS   – odd numbers
  6. Read ch15 early sections on Keq
  7. Le Chat’s Test on Nov. 8