Lab 6B Day 2

  1.  Warm up!  Do Question 3.29 on the ch3 review WS
  2. Finish Lab 6B by: a) weighing your sample, b) answer Q’s and Calculations #1-6 (communicate clearly!), c) what are some possible sources of error? and d) conclusion
  3. Begin ch3 Review WS (due Monday) and finish ch3 notes (due Friday)
  4. Ch3 Test on Friday, Dec. 22

Composition of the Atom

  1.  Hand in projects, Term 1 signed reports, and Science Fair Journals.
  2. Any more presentations?
  3. I will be able to describe quarks and leptons.
  4. Video:

5.  Go over worksheet answers on the Composition of the Atom

6.  Do:  Activity:  Modelling the Atom using playdoh

pH and pOH

  1.  Go over/discuss Lab 20B rankings –any Q’s?
  2. Lab 20B Quiz next class (Wed)
  3. I will be able to calculate the pH, pOH, and pKw of a substance.  See block 5 notes here:  pH and pOH and the Auto-ionization of WaterpH ScalePractice Questions
  4. Demo:  Rank the substances from most to least acidic:  apple, tomato, orange juice, coffee, tea, vinegar, milk
  5. Read sections 16.3-16.5
  6. Do:  textbook questions #27, 29, 39, 43, 46
  7. Mid-Chapter test next week (Tues) on sections 1-5

Lab 20B

  1.  Do:  Lab 20B – Comparing the Strengths of Acids.  Based on the colours you see, compare the strengths of acids.  Make a list of the acids from strongest to weakest.
  2. Next class:  discuss lab; look at pH calculations
  3. Wed next week:  Lab 20B Quiz
  4. Tuesday Dec. 19 – Ch16 mid-unit test
  5. Watch videos: