1.  Warm Up!  Practice questions from Aug 2000 and June 2000 provincial exams.
  2. Reminder:  Test on Unit 2.1 to 2.5 next class.  The format will be about 20 multiple choice questions and a written section that will have 3 main questions (1. Le Chatelier’s Principle, 2. Predict the type of reaction using enthalpy and entropy, and 3. interpreting graphs – what happened to cause the shift?)
  3. Finish the rainbow lab write up and hand in.
  4. Study/review!  Lots of options: Do more questions from your workbook.  Do the review worksheet you received last week.  There should be a copy of it and an answer key posted for a previous class.  Do practice provincial exam questions.  The multiple choice questions are usually old provincial exam questions.

Parts of an Atom

  1.  Video

2. Demo:  Crooke’s tube and a magnet – what did it mean?

3. Finish your notes for section 2.4 in the BC Connections text.

4.  Do:  Section 2.4 Worksheet pages 90-91 for next class.  See a copy of the worksheet here:  section 2.4 worksheet.  Questions on p.89 are for enrichment!  If you have time, you can continue with pages 92-93 on the parts of an atom.


Lab 5C – Types of Chemical Reactions

  1.  Prelab check!
  2. Lab 5C – test out your predictions!  Did you see what you thought you would see?
  3. Do:  Conclusion:  Write a balanced chemical reaction for each of the 7 reactions and identify the type of reaction.  (Hint:  Look at the Questions for the Lab to give you hints on what the products of the reaction might be)
  4. Next class:  Quest on Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions

Finish Rainbow Lab

  1.  Finish collecting data for the Rainbow Lab.
  2. Each person is responsible for writing up ONE of the colors you made.  You should include:  Purpose, Material used, Procedure, Observations, and Discussion (write a balanced equation, what did you add? what is the stress ion? what is the response?  use collision theory and reaction rates, which way will it shift? what color is seen?)
  3. Lab write up due next class.
  4. Fri – review for test
  5. Tuesday – Le Chatelier’s Principle Test on sections II.1 to II.5

History and Parts of the Atom

  1.  Go over chapter 7 test.
  2. I will be able to explain how the model of the atom has changed over time.
  3. Read section 2.4 in the BC Connections textbook.  Make speech bubble notes or column notes to keep track of how the atom has changed over time.  Think about who?  what did they do?  what did it mean?  what is their model of the atom?
  4. Do:  Make column notes or speech bubble notes for section 2.4, pages 152-161.  If you need extra time, you can come during Flex.



Prelab 5C

  1.  Mark ch2 test and do test analysis.  What were your strengths?  Where do you need some extra practice?
  2. I will be able to predict chemical reactions.
  3. Do:  Worksheet #66-67 Summary of Reaction Types and Worksheet from Hebden and answer key here:  Hebden Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions Answer Key
  4. Do:  Prelab for Lab 5C.  Make a summary of the procedure.  What are the reactants in the reaction?  Predict what type of reaction it is.  Predict what products will be made and what you might observe.  See copy of lab instructions here:  Lab 5C
  5. Heads up!  Quest on balancing equations and types of reactions will be on Monday, Nov. 18.


Rainbow Lab

  1.  In your groups, do the Rainbow Lab which shows Le Chatelier’s Principle.  Keep track of what you did (your procedure), what you saw (observations) and compare to your predictions.  Were your predictions correct?  You can take photos or video to help keep track of your lab results.
  2. You will have time next class to finish the lab and to do the lab write up.
  3. Friday:  review for the test
  4. Tuesday, Nov 19 – Le Chatelier’s Principle Test
  5. For extra practice on Le Chatelier’s Principle, you can try this worksheet: Worksheet-2-2-Le-Chateliers-Principle   and check your answers here:  worksheet 2-2 Le Chatelier’s Principle key.  This worksheet and answer key was made by another teacher.  If you think there are errors, please let me know!

Ch7 Test today

  1.  Today, students wrote the chapter 7 test.
  2. If you have assignments for our unit on Matter, you should hand it in asap!
  3. If your science fair project idea has been approved, go ahead and get started!!  Come see me if you have questions or may need to borrow equipment from the school.
  4. Next class:  we will go over the rest of section 2.2 worksheet (mark the back page) and will learn about the history and parts of the atom. (section 2.4 in the Connections textbook)

Ch2 Test

  1.  Hand in chapter 2 notes and chapter 2 worksheet (marked and corrected)
  2. Today, students wrote the ch2 test.
  3. If you want to get a bit ahead, you can start #66 and #67 on the handout (back page).  This is NOT homework, as we will go over examples next class.
  4. Heads up!  Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions Quest on Monday, Nov. 18.

Types of Chemical Reactions

Block 5:

  1.  Hand back ch1 Quest and do corrections.
  2. Hand out Term 1 current progress reports (lists formative and summative assessments).  Make sure you have completed all your assignments!  If not, come in on Goal Day to complete them!
  3. Do:  Worksheet on Word Equations.  Write out the formulas (good practice for ch2 test!), balance the equation, and identify the type of reaction.  See copy of the answers here:  Word Equations Answer Key
  4. Start reading and notes for ch3 sections 1-2.  More info on types of reactions is found in ch4.
  5. Reminder:  ch2 test next class.  There will be about 20 mc questions and the written section will have a parts of the atom chart and writing and naming compounds section.

Block 7:  We went to see Dr. Mark MacLauchlan’s presentation on Chiral Nematic Compounds –cool color changes!  future applications???

Prep for the ch2 test and if you have time later, do the Word Equations 2 worksheet.