Organic Chemistry Part 2

  1.  Reminder to return textbooks and solutions book if you are NOT taking AP Chemistry next year.  I will go over the summer assignment next class.
  2. I will be able to name alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and cyclic compounds.
  3. Do:  Worksheet #38 (a-f, h, i, m, p)  #39 (b,e,g-i, k-m, p, r) and #43 (all)
  4. Go over final exams
  5. Go over term 3 progress reports

Project #3 Presentations

  1.  Term 3 assessments are due today!
  2. Students presented their 3rd project today–everything from stories, computer simulations, poetry, music video, dance, and games.  Please make sure you have sent me links and/or summaries etc.. for your project otherwise I cannot assess them!
  3. For project #1 and #2 – make sure you have submitted your summary/writeups.  Project 1 should include the article or a link to the article.  Project 2 should have a written description of your chemical and its uses.
  4. Return textbooks asap!
  5. Next class:  in-class awards; go over term3/final marks; celebrate!  Block 5 wants to walk to Safeway for ice cream.  What does Block 6 want to do?

How Geological Processes have Affected BC

  1.  Review:  Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  2. I will be able to explain how geological processes have affected BC
  3. I will be able to know how to prepare for an emergency such as an earthquake.
  4. Do:  Read section 4.4 and do the WB Q’s for section 4.4
  5. Test next class on ch4.  You will be allowed to use your workbook pages only for the test.