Chemistry 12

Students will build on the concepts learned in Chemistry 11 with emphasis on reaction rates, reaction and solubility equilibrium, and electrochemistry.

Chemistry 11H

This course should be considered the first year of a two-year program that leads to the completion of A.P. Chemistry 12. This course deals with the topics of Chemistry 11 in greater depth and also includes some topics from A.P. Chemistry 12.

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 11 is a laboratory course in which students are introduced to the activities of science safety and the scientific method. Topics include classification of matter, quantitative measurement, periodic table, solutions and organic chemistry.

Science 8

The goal of the junior science program is to develop students’ skills and knowledge and to interest them in the study of science. Through their explorations of various sciences in grades 8, 9 and 10, students will discover which sciences they would like to pursue in later years (or, preferably, discover a love for ALL sciences).

Students will learn basic science concepts. Safety and laboratory skills are introduced. Curricular topics include the Cell and Body Systems; Optics; Fluids, and Earth Science. Students will participate in the school’s Science Fair in January/February.