Chapter 1 Test

  1. Today, students wrote the chapter 1 test (Cells and the Microscope).
  2. Check last day’s blog for the list of assignments you should have completed and handed in for chapter 1.  If you still need to complete them, try to finish them by the end of this week.
  3. Do:  read over the Cow’s Eye Dissection handout.  See copy here:  Cow Eye dissection from the Exploratorium.  We will be doing the lab next class.  You can answer some of the questions before you do the lab!  See this website for a “virtual” lab, video, and extra info:

You can bring your own gloves if you’d like.

If you cannot be in the room when we do the lab, please talk to me before your lab day so I can prepare and alternative assignment for you.  It will be from your textbook:  p.235 Natural Vision Systems – you will be doing “Report Out” #1a where you will make a Venn diagram comparing the vision systems of a creature of your choosing to that of a human.  For ideas of what kinds of creatures to choose, see here: