Ch1 Review

  1.  Go over section 1.3 worksheets.
  2. Quizlet:  a resource to help you practice/study (especially good for vocabulary)
  3. Make your study card.  Only one side of the card is allowed!
  4. Reminder:  Next class:  ch1 test.  There will be about 30 multiple choice questions (bring a pencil) and a written section.  Major topics:  characteristics of living thing; how to use a microscope;  cell parts and functions;  diffusion and osmosis
  5. Reminder:  Cow’s Eye Dissection next week.  See handout here:  Cow Eye dissection from the Exploratorium

What you should have completed and handed in so far for Term 3:

section 1.1 worksheets

section 1.2 worksheets

Cell Comparison handout

Onion Cell Lab

Gummy Bear Lab