Intro to Cells

  1.  Mark section 1.1 worksheets and hand in.
  2. I will be able to explain how the body is organized from cells to body systems
  3. I will be able to identify the parts and function of the cell organelles.
  4. Read section 1.2.  This section is written using an analogy, where you compare one thing to another.  They compare the parts of the cell with the Newo colony.  Think about how the parts of the cells are similar to things in your life.
  5. Do:  Cell Coloring sheets to help you identify the parts and function of the cell.  Make Column notes from the information you read.  Animal and Plant Cell Coloring pages
  6. Do:  Start section 1.2 worksheets (not due yet) – see previous day’s blog for the worksheets.
  7. Students received a term progress report of what they have covered so far.  The ch6 test is still being marked (hence the blank).  If you have an “I” (incomplete) or a blank space, you need to complete these asap.  Tues. Feb. 25 is a Goal Morning.  Come in to complete them
  8. Assessments for Term 2 are due by Thurs. Feb 27.