More Microscope Activities

  1.  Hand back ch6 worksheets.  You will be allowed to use a small study card (half the size of the study card you used for chapter 5) for the test.  See test outline here:  Chapter 6 Test Outline
  2. Reminder:  ch6 test on Tues. Feb 18 (block 8) and Wed. Feb.19 (blocks 3 and 4).  Outline of the test:  about 25 multiple choice questions (bring a pencil!) and a few short answer questions and a diagram (what do you think the diagram will be?)
  3. I wil be able to make microscope measurments.  See handout here:  Microscope Activities 2020 and How to Use the Microscope and Microscope Measurement
  4. Do:  Insect Body Part diagram and microscope measurements.
  5. HW:  Study for ch6 test!
  6. Finish Microscope worksheet from last class.