Science Fair

  1.  Science Fair Peer Evaluations will be held on Thurs. Jan 23.  This is a chance to practice your presentation and see what projects other students have come up with.  Bring your poster board, report,  and journal.  If you do not want to bring your poster board, take a photo of it, so you can show it during your presentation.  Bring your report and journal so you can refer to the information there.

If you are in my block 8 class, you will be presenting from 8:30-10am in the N.Caf.

If you are in my block 3 and 4 class, you will be presenting from 10:15-11:45ish in the N.Caf.

Use the feedback you get to make improvements to your project over the weekend.  Continue to practice your oral presentations!

2.  Science Fair Judging will take place on Monday, Jan 27 for block 3 and 4 during class and on Tuesday, Jan 28 for block 8.  You can drop off your display boards at 8:30am in my classroom and set them up at the beginning of your class.  You will hand in the report and journal at the end of class.  You will store your display boards in class for 1-2 weeks and then will take them home.