Sci Fair Prep and Review of Ch4

  1. Today, students reviewed controlled experiments, variables and controls, the marking rubric, and do’s and don’ts to help prepare to judge science fair projects.
  2. Volunteer to help mentor the gr8s and 9Es on Thurs. Jan 23 between 8:30-10ish and/or 10:15-11:45ish!
  3. Finish ch4 notes and review worksheet.  Hand in next class.  See answer key for ch4 review worksheet here:  Ch4 Review Worksheet Answers
  4. Ch4 test next class (Monday).  Outline:  (sorry I changed it a bit block 5! fewer mc and more written)about 20 multiple choice questions and about 5 written questions.  The written questions will focus on molarity calculations and precipitation reactions.
  5.  Warm up!  Molarity PreTest Worksheet  This is extra, extra practice on molarity calcualtions if you have completed all other practice.
  6. Hand in Lab 20C.