Snow Day- what to do in the meantime

After you have had fun in the snow and have warmed up, you can make sure you have completed reading section 1-5 of Unit III and done some practice questions from each section.

For extra practice, the worksheet (posted with answer key on last day’s blog) is very good and will help you review the major topics from each section.

Friday, Jan 17 – Unit III test on sections 1-5.  There will be about 30 multiple choice questions and 2 written questions.  Since we were supposed to do some review/training for judging science fair projects today, I will omit the 2 written questions and use the last 15-20 minutes of class to do the judges training.

The test will have a large proportion based on precipitation reactions, but will also include understanding of vocabulary terms and molarity calculations.


Goal Day on Tuesday, Jan 21   12:30-1:45pm Keq retests, make sure you have completed your test corrections and have spoken to me

Sci Fair mentoring Thurs. Jan 23 8:30-10:15am;  10:30-11:45am – to help give feedback to the students presenting their projects.  This will also give you a preview of some of the projects.

Monday, Jan 27 – Science Fair judging – you will evaluate the projects using a rubric and give feedback to the students