Review of Unit III sec1-5

  1.  Hand in labs 16D and 16E if you haven’t already.
  2. Review of Unit III sections 1-5.  Any questions?  Make sure you have read and done practice questions from the workbook.  Extra practice worksheet and answer key posted on last day’s blog.
  3. Preparation to judge science fair projects- review of controlled experiments, look at the marking rubric, do’s and don’ts of assessing the projects
  4. Volunteers to mentor on Thurs. Jan 23 in the morning 8:30-10ish and 10:30ish to 11:45ish.
  5. Reminder:  Goal Day on Tuesday, Jan 21.  Retests for Keq from 12:30-1:45pm.  Make sure you have done your test corretions and talked to me to get extra practice.