Law of Reflection Assessment

Blocks 3 and 4 – Wed. Jan 15 (Snow Day)

Your class lesson would be the same as block 8’s lesson yesterday (see below).  In the meantime:

-continue working on collecting data for your science fair project and start writing your report.

-From the progress report you received last class, complete any assignments that have an “I” or blank and you can do corrections for any assignment not “FM” yet.

-Book Flex time if you want to work in our classroom.

Block 8’s lesson Tues. Jan 14:

  1.  We will go over section 5.2 worksheet pages next class.
  2. Look at your current progress report for Term 2.  If you have an “I” or blank, you need to complete the assignment or test.  If you do not have an “FM”, you can do corrections and resubmit your assignment.
  3. Any assignments so far for term 2, try to finish by Goal Day Jan 21.
  4. Do:  Law of Reflection Assessment Level 1

Our schedule for the next week:

This week:  Law of Reflection Assessment and time to work on sci fair projects

Tues. Jan 21 – Goal Day   8:30-11:30 Science 8;   12:30-1:45pm Chem11H/12 tests; 12:30-2:30pm open classroom time for anyone to come work

Thurs. Jan 23 – Peer evaluations in the morning – you will have the chance to practice your presentations and get feedback.  You will be able to see other projects and what their ideas are and give feedback to them.

Mon. Jan 27 – block 3 and 4 Science Fair Judging – bring display board, report, journals

Tues. Jan 28 – block 8 Science Fair judging – bring display board, report, journals