Lab 20C Titrations

  1.  Do:  Lab 20C.  Work in groups of 4.  One pair starts with part 1, the other with part 2.  If you run out of time, you can get the data from your other group members.
  2. Questions for the lab:  1.  What is the molarity of the HCl solution?   2.  What is the percent purity of the vinegar solution?
  3. Finish reading ch4 and taking notes.
  4. Do:  Ch4 review worksheet.

Our schedule for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Next class:  We will be reviewing the scientific method and how to make a controlled experiment.  We will also have time for reviewing chapter 4 and asking questions.
  2. Ch4 test on Monday, Jan 20.  Notes and review worksheets due.
  3. Tues Jan 21 – Goal Day!  Any assignments and tests for the first half of Term 2 are due by Goal Day.
  4. Thurs Jan 23 – be a mentor to the gr8s and 9s!  In the morning, the gr8s and 9s will be peer evaluating science fair projects.  It would be great to have some senior science students (gr10/11/12) to mentor them.  You would listen to their presentations and give them some feedback.  Students have the weekend to make any changes to improve their project.
  5. Tues. Jan 28 – we will be judging science fair projects during class.
  6. Thurs. Jan 30 – start chapter 5!