Finish Lab 16E

  1.  Finish Lab 16E and submit what you think the identity of your unknowns are.
  2. Make sure you are up to date on your readings and practice questions for Unit III.
  3. Finish any test corrections for the Keq test.  If you scored less than 86% and want to write a retes, talk to me so I can check your test corrections and give you some extra practice.  The retest will be on Goal Day, Jan 21, from 12:30-1:45pm.
  4. Review worksheet (do this after you have finished practice questions from the workbook):  Ch12Unit3Review-1 do #1-25.  See answer key here:  Ch12Unit3ReviewKEY (1)
  5. Unit III sections 1-5 Test will be on Friday, Jan 17.
  6. Next class, we will start Ksp and will do some review of the scientific method to prepare you to judges our gr8 and gr9 science fair projects.  Volunteers who are able to help on the morning of Thurs Jan 23 to mentor the students can sign up with me!