Finish Lab 6B

  1.  I will be able to calculate the molarity, moles, and volume of an aqueous solution.
  2. Finis Lab 6B by measuring the mass of chalk made (and test it out by drawing with it!).  Answer the following 3 questions:  1.  What is the limiting reactant?  Prove it using calculations.  2.  What is the theoretical yield of CaCO3?  3.  What is the percent yield of CaCO3?   No discussion or conclusion necessary (since you already did a similar lab with Lab 4B)
  3. Read section 4.5 and do #51, 55, and 67 for extra practice.
  4. Block 5 – Friday, Jan 10 meet in Room 8 (just for today).  Block 7 meets in Rm113 as usual.