Finish Lab 4B and More Mole Ratios!

  1.  Finish collecting data for Lab 4B.
  2. Questions:  1.  How many grams and moles of Fe was used?  2.  How many grams and moles of CuCl2 was used?  3.  How many grams and moles of Cu was formed?  4.  Determine which reactant is the limiting reactant,  Fe or CuCl2?  5.  What is the theoretical yield of Cu?  6.  What is the percent yield of Cu?  (Note:  Let’s use Fe(III))
  3. Possible Sources of Error – what could have caused the yield not to be 100%?
  4. Conclusion

5.  Go over “Mole Ratio” worksheet.  How can you apply what you have learned to Lab 4B?

6.  Continue with ch3 review worksheet.  You will have time on Friday to finish it and ask more questions.