Rainbow Lab

  1.  In your groups, do the Rainbow Lab which shows Le Chatelier’s Principle.  Keep track of what you did (your procedure), what you saw (observations) and compare to your predictions.  Were your predictions correct?  You can take photos or video to help keep track of your lab results.
  2. You will have time next class to finish the lab and to do the lab write up.
  3. Friday:  review for the test
  4. Tuesday, Nov 19 – Le Chatelier’s Principle Test
  5. For extra practice on Le Chatelier’s Principle, you can try this worksheet: Worksheet-2-2-Le-Chateliers-Principle   and check your answers here:  worksheet 2-2 Le Chatelier’s Principle key.  This worksheet and answer key was made by another teacher.  If you think there are errors, please let me know!