Types of Chemical Reactions

Block 5:

  1.  Hand back ch1 Quest and do corrections.
  2. Hand out Term 1 current progress reports (lists formative and summative assessments).  Make sure you have completed all your assignments!  If not, come in on Goal Day to complete them!
  3. Do:  Worksheet on Word Equations.  Write out the formulas (good practice for ch2 test!), balance the equation, and identify the type of reaction.  See copy of the answers here:  Word Equations Answer Key
  4. Start reading and notes for ch3 sections 1-2.  More info on types of reactions is found in ch4.
  5. Reminder:  ch2 test next class.  There will be about 20 mc questions and the written section will have a parts of the atom chart and writing and naming compounds section.

Block 7:  We went to see Dr. Mark MacLauchlan’s presentation on Chiral Nematic Compounds –cool color changes!  future applications???

Prep for the ch2 test and if you have time later, do the Word Equations 2 worksheet.