Review of Ch7 and prep for upcoming Assessment

  1.  Hand in section 2.2 WS and Sci Fair Idea Development WS if you haven’t already.
  2. If you have not had your Sci Fair project discussion with me, you need to see me on Goal Day (Wed.) to talk about your ideas.   Block 3  (9-10am), Block 4 (10-11am) and Block 8 (11am to noon).  You should also come on Goal Day if you are missing assignments.
  3. Review of Chapter 7 and prep for test on Thursday (Block 8) and Friday (Blocks 3 and 4).   Make column notes of key vocabulary terms OR make a mind map of the key vocabulary terms.
  4. Ch7 Test Outline:   about 30 multiple choice questions and the written section will involve density calculations.