Ch2 Review

  1. Yay!  You have a Chemistry TOC today.
  2. Do:  Chapter 2 review worksheet.  See copy here:  ch2 worksheet and answer key here:  Ch2 Review Worksheet Answer Key
  3. Mark your worksheet and do any corrections.  Remember I want to see what you learned, not just what the correct answer is!
  4. Finish notes for chapter 2.
  5. Memorize the charges of elements and polyatomic ions.  Quizlet has some good flashcards.  Try:

6.  Quiz on Friday on chemical nomenclature.

7.  Ch2 test on Thurs. Nov. 7.  Your chapter 2 notes and review worksheet will be due that day at the beginning of class.

8.  Any Q’s?  come see me during Flex or after school!  or ask your TOC!