Locating Safety Equipment in Our Classroom

  1.  I will be able to know how to evacuate the building safety and know where to meet my teacher so he/she can record that I evacuated safely.
  2. Go over section 2.1 worksheet on HHPS and WHMIS symbols.  Keep this worksheet until next class so you can study from it.  You will hand in the worksheet next class.
  3. I will be able to locate lab safety equipment in our classroom.  Draw an outline of our classroom.  Label the lab safety equipment on your diagram.
  4. Lab Safety Test next class (Wed Sept 18 for blocks 3 and 4;  Tues. Sept 24 for block 8).  Test outline:  10 True/False questions, diagram in which you label the location of lab safety equipment; matching WHMIS symbols to their descriptions; 5 scenarios in which you identify what the students are doing that is UNsafe and what they are doing that IS safe.
  5. Video on Lab Safety: