1.  Hand in Lab 4B (staple the assessment rubric to the front)
  2. Warm up!  Question #52 on p.95
  3. I will be able to calculate the molarity of a solution (homogeneous mixture) – the 4th spoke of the mole wheel!
  4. Read section V.6
  5. Do:  #63-69 (odd numbers).  Check your answers.
  6. Reminder:  Flex Day on Thurs. Jan 17 – sign up is posted on the white board
  7. Reminder: Goal Day on Wed Jan 23 – Moles Retest will be scheduled that day (you need to do your corrections and extra practice/come for tutoring before you can write the retest).  You can also come to review for Unit V.
  8. Heads up:  Unit V Test will be on Thurs. Jan 24.
  9. Some good videos: