Review of Unit IV

  1.  Focused practice – hydrates and acids.  Do:  WS
  2. Block 3 and 4 – Bingo!
  3. Review!  Do:  Questions from your WB (there are lots and lots of practice questions) and/or Worksheets.
  4. See copies here and note some typos:  Writing and Naming Compounds Worksheets and Chemical Nomenclature Worksheet #4 with edits the answer keys here:  Writing and Naming Compounds Worksheets Answer Key 2  and Chemical Nomenclature Worksheet #4 Answer Key full

3.  Unit IV test will be on Wed. Dec. 5.  There will be 10-15 questions where you write the name of the compound and 10-15 questions where you write the formula of the compound.  You will be allowed to use the Data Booklet.

Some good review videos from Tyler DeWitt: