Rainbow Lab

  1.  Hand in Equilibrium #3 Worksheet.
  2. Do:  Rainbow Lab
  3. Do:  In your groups of 3-4, you will hand in a group lab (using google docs would be helpful!).  You should include pictures, diagrams, equations, graphs in your lab report.  The analysis should include for EACH color produced:

a) balanced equation

b) identify the stress ion

c) use collision theory to explain what is happening at the molecular level.  Include a diagram that shows this.  See example here:

d) explain what is happening to the forward and reverse rates

e) explain the direction of the equilibrium shift

f) what color is seen as a result of the shift

g)  include a diagram of concentration vs. time.  See example here:

h) include a diagram of forward and reverse rate vs. time.  See example here: