Intro to Unit III

  1.  Intro to Unit III – Matter
  2. Handout:  Learning Outcomes for Unit III.  See copy here:  Unit III Learning Log
  3. Handout:  Data Table for Chemistry 11.
  4. Demo:  Qualitative and Quantitative properties
  5. Demo:  Elements and Compounds – using K’Nex to illustrate elements and compounds
  6. Read Unit III.1-III.3.  For section 1, the key vocabulary words are :  qualitative, quantitative, data, and observation.  Know all the vocabulary for section 2 and 3.
  7. How will you organize your information?   a) column notes   or b) cue cards   or c) mind map format (like the “Chemis-tree”?  See block 3’s notes:  Chemistree)  At the end of the unit, you will hand in your organized study notes (whichever method you choose).
  8. Do:  “Classification of Matter” worksheet.  See copy here:  7 Classification of Matter-S