Review of Ch17

  1.  Sign up for Chemistry contests:

a) CCC Contest (Canadian Chemistry Contest)- April 10, free; cash prizes

b) CCO Contest (Olympiad) – April 10, free; can be considered for the Canadian Chemistry Olympic team to compete in Thailand this year.

c) Chem13 News Contest (Waterloo) – May 11, cost $5

d) Thompson Rivers University contest – May 17, free (may sign you all up for this!)

**Please register (and bring fee) by Spring Break!

2.  Hand in exploration reports:  Ksp and Mystery Ion activities

3.  Finish ch17 review WS for next class.

4.  Intro to ch19 – Thermodynamics.  See block 4 notes here:  2017 What do I Remember

5.  Ksp test postponed to Tues. March 7