Chem11H Summer Assignment

1. Instructions:  Chem 11H Summer Assignment 2016
2. If you want to access an online version of our textbook (it’s not the same edition, but close enough!), see:

If you are typing the site address instead of clicking on the link, make sure you capitalize the A, the P and the C in “APChem”! Otherwise, it won’t work and you’ll get a 404 error. The username and password are given for the 10th Edition of Brown and LeMay’s Chemistry the Central Science.

3. Chapter 13 documents:
chapter 13 – Colligative Properties

ch13 Properties of Solutions Learning Outcomes

ch13 and ch21 answers to textbook questions

ch13 and ch21 review worksheet questions (you only need to do the questions for ch13, not ch21 as ch21 is not part of the new AP curriculum)

Cornell Notes template

4. Photoelectron Spectroscopy documents:

5. Review of Chem11H:
Chem11H Sectional Tests 1-3 for ch1-13