Limiting Reactants and Reactants in Excess

  1.  Hand in Lab 4C
  2. Warm Up:  you are making goodie bags for friends and want to put 2 Santas, 10 bells, 6 candy canes, and 16 choc kisses.  You buy 62 Santas, 200 bells, 143 candy canes, and 312 kisses.  How many goodie bags can you make?  What will you run out of first?  How much extra of each other yummy goodie will there be?
  3. POGIL:  Limiting and Excess Reactants
  4. Demo:  how to do a titration
  5. Read section 3.7 and 4.6 and Do:  #3.65, 3.71, and 3.77  and #4.67 and 4.69