Intro to Equilibrium

  1.  Are you up to date with all your assignments, quizzes, and tests?  Goal Day is coming on Tuesday, Nov 3.  All assignments so far for Term 1 should be completed by Goal Day.  After Goal Day, I will only accept the assignments if you have an I Report.
  2. Intro to Equilibrium
    1. Here is a list of the learning outcomes for Unit 2: Chemical Equilibrium Learning Outcomes stoplight
    2. I will be able to describe the characteristics of an equilibrium system.  See class notes here:  Equilibrium
  3. Demo:  2 buckets of water, a ladle and a spoon.  By transferring water from one bucket to the other, at what point to they reach equilibrium?
  4. Read section II.1-3 and do some of the questions from each section.