Redox Titrations

1.  Review of Balancing Redox Reactions:  2010 Balancing Question

2.  I will be able to calculate the molarity of a solution in a redox titration.  Redox Titrations (sec.7)

Read sec.7 and do # 28 and 32 (or as many as you’d like until you are confident you can solve them)

Test next class on Sections 1-7.  It will have a mc section and a written section.  There will be about 30 mc Q’s and 4 written Q’s.  You will need to bring a pencil and calculator.

The written section will consist of:  balancing redox reactions and redox titration calculations.

The mc section will consist of:  identify what is oxidized, reduced, the oxidizing agent and reducing agent, finding oxidation numbers, using the Standard Reduction Table in your data booklet to determine whether a reaction will occur or not, balancing using the half reaction method, balancing using the oxidation number method.