Dissociation Equations and Concentration of Ions

1.  A Quick Review 2


I will be able to write dissociation and ionization equations.

I will be able to calculate the concentration of ions formed in the solution.

See Blk 6 class scribblings here:  Writing Dissociation_Ionization Equations and Concentration of Ions  or Blk 3 class scribbling here:  A Quick Review 2

Sec. IX.5 – Nature of Solutions of Ions

Key vocabulary:  dissociation reaction vs. ionization reaction

Q: #28

Sec. IX.6 – Calc. the Concentrations of Ions in Solution

Based on the dissociation/ionization reaction, use the mole ratio to find the molarity of the ions formed.

Q: # 30, 32, 37

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