Review Day 2


Review topics for block 7:  VSEPR, Periodic Trends, Organic Chem.  See class scribblings here:  Block 7 Topics of the Day 2

Review topics for block 8:  PES (see practice questions in handout)

Review topics for Block 2:  Organic chem, Gas Laws, PES  See class scribblings here:  Block 2 Topic of the Day 2

3.  We finished marking the Ch20 test.  Do test corrections and hand back in.

See the posted exam schedule for time and location (Library or Rm314, arrive at 7:50am)

What to bring to the exam:  pencils, pens, eraser, 2 calculators (in case you run out of batteries), snacks for the break time,  photo ID (ie. GoCard)

What NOT to bring to the exam:  cell phones (leave in your locker)