Monthly Archives: February 2020

Onion Skin Cell Lab

  1.  Activity:  Onion Skin Cell Lab.  Draw a picture of 2 of the onion cells you see and make the 4 microscope observations.

2.  Next class, we will mark the section 1.2 worksheet pages.

3. Make sure you are up to date with your term 2 assessments (no blanks or “I” incompletes on your progress report!)

Cell Comparison

  1.  Activity:  in small groups, compare how the cell is similar to…..(your choice!).  For example, how is a cell like a school?  What would be the nucleus of the school?  What would be the mitochondria?  Etc….
  2. Finish sec 1.2 worksheets for next class.
  3. Finish any assessments for Term 2 by Thursday.
  4. Reminder:  I am available Monday and Tuesday after school and during Flex time (Thursday and Friday) if you need to complete any assignments, write tests, ask questions, etc…

Kw, Ionization of Water

  1.  What did you cover last class?  We continued on with the study guide.  See block 1 notes here:  Acids and Bases Study Guide Part 1 Block 1 notes Feb21
  2. Do:  Worksheet “Self Test” #2-10 odd letters only.  We marked as many questions as we could at the end of class.
  3. Quiz next class will be only on sections 1-6 since we did not have enough time to cover up to section 11 fully.  There will be about 15 mc questions.  This should only take 15-20 minutes.  We will do more practice/review of sections 7-11 and learn about pH and pOH.

Intro to Cells

  1.  Mark section 1.1 worksheets and hand in.
  2. I will be able to explain how the body is organized from cells to body systems
  3. I will be able to identify the parts and function of the cell organelles.
  4. Read section 1.2.  This section is written using an analogy, where you compare one thing to another.  They compare the parts of the cell with the Newo colony.  Think about how the parts of the cells are similar to things in your life.
  5. Do:  Cell Coloring sheets to help you identify the parts and function of the cell.  Make Column notes from the information you read.  Animal and Plant Cell Coloring pages
  6. Do:  Start section 1.2 worksheets (not due yet) – see previous day’s blog for the worksheets.
  7. Students received a term progress report of what they have covered so far.  The ch6 test is still being marked (hence the blank).  If you have an “I” (incomplete) or a blank space, you need to complete these asap.  Tues. Feb. 25 is a Goal Morning.  Come in to complete them
  8. Assessments for Term 2 are due by Thurs. Feb 27.

Ch5 Test

Today, students wrote the ch5 test on Thermochemistry.

For next class, finish the “Electron Configuration” worksheet and bring any questions you have from your readings!

Reminder:  last day for term 2 assessments is Thurs. Feb.27

Strengths of Acids and Bases

  1.  Since I was away today, the TOC should have covered the sections on the Strengths of Acids and Bases and may have introduced how to calculate the pH of a solution.
  2. You filled in your study guide.
  3. You should read your workbook up to section 4.11 and try some of the practice queestions from each section.
  4. If you have questions, bring them on Friday!
  5. Acids and Bases Test #1 – scheduled for Tues. Feb.25
  6. Deadline for Term2 assessments – Thurs. Feb.27 – any assessments you want to count for term 2 must be completed by then.