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Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

  1.  Go over section 4.1 worksheet answers and hand in.
  2. I will be able to explain how the energy and wavelength of a wave is related using the electromagnetic spectrum.
  3. Video:

4.  Finish section 4.2 notes and sec.4.2 worksheet pages.

5.  Start reading section 4.3 and start section 4.3 worksheet pages.

6. Start your science fair projects!  Get your equipment and get started!!

Waves and Colour

  1.  Review: Parts of a Wave
  2. Video:

3.  Finish section 4.1 notes and section 4.1 worksheet questions.

4.  Demo:  Light and Colour – I will be able to explain how we see colour and how the colours of light mix together to make primary and secondary colours of light

5.  Read section 4.2 and do the worksheet pages for section 4.2

Lab 16D

  1.  Prelab check!
  2. Do:  Lab 16D – do your results confirm your predictions?
  3. Do:  For each DIFFERENT precipitate, write a formula equation, complete ionic equation, and net ionic equation.
  4. Next class:  bring your calculator!


  1.  Go over Le Chatelier’s Principle test and do corrections.  If you would like to do a retest for this test, you need to first do your test corrections and then talk to me to arrange a time.
  2. I will be able to write the Keq expression.
  3. Read section II.6   Do a few practice questions from section II.6.  See block 2 notes here:  The Equilibrium Constant Expression Keq


  1.  Go over Atoms test and do corrections.  If you have an “I” standing (incomplete), book Flex time on Thursday to do your test corrections.
  2. Intro to chapter 4 (Unit 2):  I will be able to explain the parts of a wave.
  3. Simulation:  pHet Waves on a String.  See link here:
  4. Do:  worksheet for the simulation:  Wave Basics – PHET – Google Docs
  5. For enrichment:  do this worksheet for the simulation:  PropertiesofWaves-StudentActivity
  6. HW:  Read section 4.1 and make notes (I recommend column notes).
  7. Start sec 4.1 worksheets (not due next class.  priority is to do the reading first!).  See copy of the worksheets here:  Sec4.1 Worksheets

Sec 2.2 and 2.4 Test

  1.  Video for review:

2.  Today, students wrote a test for section 2.2 and 2.4

3.  HW:  Work on your science fair projects.  Some questions to think about:

Q:  What do I do next?  (ie. background research? look for equipment? shopping for supplies? etc…)

Q:  What equipment do I need?  Do I want/need to borrow equipment from the school?  If you do, then bring me a detailed list.  (Ex.  not “beaker”  but be more specific:  3  250mL beakers)

Q:  What are the steps (procedure) for my experiment?