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Happy Halloween!

  1.  A bit of Halloween fun….Look into my plasma ball…..rainbow reactions? a Halloween howler?  Wingardium leviosa and density?
  2. Go over some questions from the section 2-2 worksheet.  Hand in the worksheet.
  3. Make a schedule/timeline for your science fair project.  Hand in your Idea Development worksheet.
  4. Heads up!  Chapter 7 test on Matter and Density next week Fri Nov 8 (for blocks 3 and 4) and Thurs Nov 7 (for block 8)
  5. HW:  work on your science fair project ideas!

Happy Halloween!

  1.  A bit of Halloween fun…..dancing ghosts???  Rainbow equilibrium?
  2. Review of Le Chatelier’s Principle.  See copy of review here:  lechatelier_s principle worksheet DRB
  3. Do: Read the Rainbow Lab handout.  Unfortunately, the photocopy is missing a page!  See the full lab here:  Rainbow Lab (Inquiry) You will do a prelab for it next week.
  4. test corrections and analysis of Unit 1 (Kinetics) test (block 2.  Block 1 will get theirs back after everyone has completed the test).  Store it in your red duotang folder and if you want/need more time to look it over, you can.

Ch2 Review

  1. Yay!  You have a Chemistry TOC today.
  2. Do:  Chapter 2 review worksheet.  See copy here:  ch2 worksheet and answer key here:  Ch2 Review Worksheet Answer Key
  3. Mark your worksheet and do any corrections.  Remember I want to see what you learned, not just what the correct answer is!
  4. Finish notes for chapter 2.
  5. Memorize the charges of elements and polyatomic ions.  Quizlet has some good flashcards.  Try:

6.  Quiz on Friday on chemical nomenclature.

7.  Ch2 test on Thurs. Nov. 7.  Your chapter 2 notes and review worksheet will be due that day at the beginning of class.

8.  Any Q’s?  come see me during Flex or after school!  or ask your TOC!

Quiz and Finish 2.2

  1. Today, students wrote a quiz on the Scientific Method.
  2. Finish section 2.2 worksheets and hand in next class.
  3. Demos:  physical and chemical changes and properties
  4. Science Fair Idea Development worksheets due next class!  If you need to work with your partner, consider spending time during Flex Period this week!


Le Chatelier’s Principle – Day 1

  1.  Quick review of enthalpy and entropy and predicting reactions.
  2. I will be able to explain equilibrium shifts.
  3. Demo:  2NO2(brown color) <—-> N2O4 (colorless) in hot water (turns dark brown) and cold water (turns light brown).  Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?
  4. Read section 2.4 and do as many of the questions on p.54-55 as you can over the next week. (ie. do every third questions, then come back and do another third, then finish the last third)


  1.  Any Q’s from the Parts of the Atom Worksheet?  Mark it using the answer key from last day’s blog.
  2. I will be able to write and name ionic and covalent compounds, acids, and hydrates.  See notes here:  Chemical Nomenclature Notes
  3. Finish reading chapter 2 and take notes.  Memorize the polyatomic ions on page 3!!
  4. Do:  the worksheets in your package.  See answer keys here (some are in each set, so just match them to the pages you did):  Physical Science Writing and Naming Compounds Worksheets Answer Key and Chemistry Writing and Naming Compounds Worksheets Answer Key
  5. Next class:  you will be doing the chapter 2 review worksheet and have time to finish your notes.  If you have questions, see me Tues or Thurs.
  6. Quiz on nomenclature on Friday.
  7. Ch2 test – Thurs. Nov. 7

Continue with Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

  1.  Hand back assignments.  Do you still have assignments to hand in?  Do you have corrections to complete and resubmit?  You can come after school or during Flex time to complete them (better yet, finish them at home!)
  2. Review:  Simpsons Scenarios #3 and #4.
  3. Quiz next class on Scientific Method.  There will be 2 scenarios and questions about the experiment such as What is the independent variable?  What is the dependent variable?  What is the control group?  What conclusions can they make?
  4. Continue reading section 2.2 in BC Connections text and complete as much of the worksheet as you can.  You will be given one more class period to finish the questions.
  5. Homework:  Fill in the Science Fair Idea Development sheet, which will be due by the end of next week (Nov1)

Happy Mole Day! (10-23 from 6:02 am to 6:02pm)

  1.  Qu-est on the rest of chapter 1.
  2. I will be able to identify the parts of an atom (protons, neutrons, electrons in an isotope or ion)
  3. Do:  Worksheet “Parts of an Atom”  see copy here:  Parts of an Atoms Worksheet and check your answers here:  Parts of an Atoms Worksheet Answer Key
  4. Start memorizing the polyatomic ions – names and charges!  Use your Chem11 Data Booklet (page 3) for a good list of common ions.   There is also good quizlet flashcard practice of ions (see gogogo1238)

Physical and Chemical Changes

  1.  Hand in the Density Experiment and any homework corrections.
  2. Warm up:  Simpsons worksheet scenario #1 and #2.
  3. Go over section 7.2 worksheets and hand in.
  4. I will be able to explain the difference between physical and chemical properties and physical and chemical changes and be able to give examples.
  5. Do:  Read section 2.2 in the BC Connections textbook and answer the questions on the section 2.2 worksheet.  See copy here:  section 2.2 worksheet
  6. Scientific Method quiz on Tuesday Oct 29 (blocks 3 and 4) and Wed. Oct 30 (block 8)