Monthly Archives: October 2019

Density Lab

  1.  Hand back section 7.1 worksheet – do you need to do any corrections and resubmit your worksheet?
  2. Hand in Check Your Understanding questions p.271 #1-5
  3. Do:  Density Lab.  See copy of lab here:  Density Lab
  4. HW:  Brainstorm ideas for your science fair project.  Starting next week, make time to talk to me about your ideas.


  1.  Go over article questions for “Cleaning Up Soiled Sites”
  2. Go over section 7.1 worksheet answers.  Hand the worksheet into the hand in folder.
  3. I will be able to compare the density of different objects.
  4. Read section 7.2 (p.260 – 265) and do the Check Your Understanding questions on p.271 #1-5 in complete sentences.

Quest and Lab Prep

  1.  Hand in chapter 1 notes and chapter 1 Review worksheet that has been marked and corrected (show what you learned, not just the final answer)
  2. Quest on unit conversions, sig figs, and precision of measurements.
  3. Do:  Prelab 2A Heating and Cooling Curves of a Pure Substance for Thursday.  See copy here:  Lab 2A Heating and Cooling Curve  Note change:  we will use lauric acid rather than paradichlorobenzene.
  4. Do:  Prelab 2D Chromatography for Tuesday next week.  See copy here:  Lab 2D Separation of a Mixture by Paper Chromatography

Identifying Variables and Controls

  1.  I will be able to identify the independent and dependent variables and controls in an experiment.
  2. We read through pages 476 to 478 in the textbook together and discussed the vocabulary terms.  The “manipulated” variable is the same as the independent variable.  The “responding” variable is the same as the dependent variable.
  3. Activity:  Look at past project displays.  Answer the questions in your journal.  See questions here:  Looking at Past Projects
  4. Read the article “Cleaning Up Soiled Sites” and answer the questions at the end.  See a copy of the article here:  Cleaning Up Soiled Sites
  5. Make sure section 7.1 worksheet is completed for Wed.

Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

  1.  Fizz Quiz #4 on Unit Conversions.
  2. I will be able to describe and identify chemical and physical properties and chemical and physical changes.
  3. Activity:  mixing the 4 solutions.  Which reactions are chemical changes?  physical changes?  What evidence do you have?  You will share your results next class.
  4. Reminder:  Ch1 notes and marked and corrected Ch1 Review worksheet due next class.
  5. Reminder:  Sig Figs, Unit Conversions, and Precision of Measurements Qu-est on Tuesday (next class)

Library Day #2 – Bibliographies and Brainstorm Ideas

  1.  Today, students met in the library to learn how to keep track of their sources in a Bibliography (or Works Cited section).
  2. Students had time to begin brainstorming ideas for their science fair project.  Start with things you enjoy/like/are interested in.  What could you change in that topic area?  What could you measure?
  3. For next class:  finish the section 7.1 worksheet