Monthly Archives: June 2019

Year End Wrap Up!

  1.  Return your textbooks!
  2. More Project #3 presentations. 🙂
  3. Go over term 3 progress reports/final reports.  Check to make sure everything is correct.
  4. Awards- in class, Chem13 News contest results, science fair medals!  Congratulations on a great year everyone!
  5.  A sweet treat. Yum…..

Project #3 Presentations

  1.  Today, students shared Project #3 with the class.
  2. Reminder:  Hand in textbooks and solutions books.
  3. Next class:  Term 3 progress reports and check to make sure everything is correct,  Organic Chemistry cont’d – E1 and E2 reactions,  Term 3 personal reflections,  Awards, etc….

Final Exam Day 2 – mc section

  1.  Today, students wrote the Final exam multiple choice section.
  2. Next class, I hope to have your exams marked and your term/final marks completed.  You will check it over and make sure it is correct.  We will also do Term 3 reflections and have some awards.

E1 and E2 Reactions

  1. Return textbooks and solutions books once you don’t need them anymore (bring them in on Friday)
  2. Organic Chem Mini-Lesson:  E1 and E1 reactions.  How are they different than SN1 and SN2 reactions?
  3. Any project #3 presentations today?
  4. Finish off your projects.  All other presentations on Friday!