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Earthquake Preparedness


2.  I will be able to identify geological processes in and around BC.

3.  I will be able to explain what items would be needed in an emergency kit, be able to assemble one at home, and come up with an emergency plan.

4.  Read section 4.4 and do the worksheet questions for section 4.4.

5.  Next class:  review of Unit 4

6.  Unit 4 test on Earth Science on Thurs. June 6.


Unit 9 Test

  1.  Today, students wrote the Unit 9 test.
  2. If you have not complete any assessments, you should complete them asap! (preferably before your final exam on June 11 so you can get feedback earlier)
  3. Next class: we will be doing a short unit on Organic Chemistry (3 classes)
  4. In the meantime, you should start the review packages for the Final Exam (which is on June 11 and 13, written over 2 days)

Work on Projects Day

  1.  Finish up any “Breaking News” presentations.  Make sure you have handed in your news article and summary.
  2. Work on your molecule and write up.  Due Friday.  Be prepared to share interesting facts about your molecule!
  3. Talk to me about your ideas for Project #3.  You can see samples of previous projects.


  1.  Go over sec4.3 HW questions on Earthquakes.
  2. We looked at pictures of the ring of fire and watched some videos:

3.  I will be able to explain how volcanoes form.  I will be able to explain what happens when oceanic and continental crusts collide and when continental-continental crusts collide.

4.  Read the rest of section 4.3 and do p.165-167 on Volcanoes.

If you have lost or forgotten your worksheet pages for the Earth Science Unit, you can see/print them here:  Earth Science worksheet pages

Breaking News Presentations

  1.  Today, students presented their articles for Project #1 – “Breaking News!”
  2.  Reminder:  project #2 due Friday.  Be prepared to give a short description of your molecule and what it is used for.
  3. If you have ideas for Project #3, come talk to me about it!  Who is in your group, what topic have you chose, and what format will you present your info?

Ions in Solution

  1. Warm up!  See p.208 #25-27.
  2. I will be able to explain what happens when an ionic or colavent solid dissolves in water.
  3. Read section 9.5  and do #28
  4. I will be able to calculate the concentration of ions in solution.  See class notes here:  Ions in Solution
  5. Read section 9.6 and do #30-38 (even #s).

Pop Cell Challenge

  1.  Pop Cell Challenge:  Using the pop can as part of your battery, construct the “best” battery using the materials you have been provided.  Document what you did.  Reflect on your results.
  2. Reminder:  next class project #1 due, Mon. May 27
  3. Reminder:  project #2 due Fri. May 31

Plate Tectonics

  1.  Go over section 4.1 worksheet answers.
  2. Video:  Plate Tectonics

3.  Demo:  How Earthquakes Occur

4. Read section 4.2 and do the worksheet pages for section 4.2.  Continue to take notes for section 4.2 as part of your study notes for this chapter.