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Quiz, Shapes, Polarity, and IMFs

  1.  Quiz on Periodic Trends
  2. Review:  Lewis Dot structures and predicting the polarity of the molecule
  3. I will be able to explain the type of Intermolecular Force (IMF) between molecules.  See class notes here:  Intermolecular Forces block 3 and Intermolecular Forces block 4
  4. Read p.171-183, with more focus on p.179-182
  5. Do:  #79-84
  6. Reminder:  Goal Day on Thursday.  If you have any assessments to complete from Term 3 so far, this is your deadline date.  Sign up or email me that you are coming, what time to expect you, and what you want to accomplish (i.e. write the Stoichiometry test OR  want to ask questions about the shapes of molecules and go over worksheet questions).  You can still drop in on Goal Day, even if you haven’t signed up!  See you then!!
  7. Heads up:   Last quiz for Unit 8 will probably be on Friday, May 10

Study for AP exam – Day 1 – Test Outline, Class Review Topics?

  1. Go over ch19 and ch20 tests and do test corrections.  What misconceptions do you have?  What areas do you feel you need more review?
  2. AP Exam Outline and study tips, resources, etc….AP Chemistry Exam Information
  3. What are some topics that you would like me to review with you as a class?  I am open to suggestions….
  4. The students in class suggested the following schedule for the upcoming classes:

Wed. May 1 – 2014 AP Exam FRQ – bring completed questions you have marked and want to discuss OR bring the questions to work on.  Your best use of class time is to do questions at home and to discuss problems you had at school with me or with your classmates OR to do practice mc questions during class.

Thurs. May 2 (Goal Day) 12:30-2pm “mock” MC exam; I will mark it right away and you can go over it by the end of the day.

Fri. May 3 – 2015 AP Exam FRQ

Tues. May 7 – 2016 AP Exam FRQ

Thurs. May 9 – 8am-11:30am AP Exam !!!  Block 7 will be a rest period/prep for Chem13 News contest/study for next AP exam.  We CANNOT discuss the AP exam questions during class until 48 hours have passed;   Block 8 Chem13 News contest written in Rm21 (Ms Ingratta supervising)

  • you can do 2017 and 2018 AP Exam FRQ at home and bring any questions you have during any class
  • I will have copies of the MC section of 2015 – 2018 IN CLASS ONLY.  They CANNOT be taken out of the classroom.  You are welcome to use them during your free blocks OR after school Mon-Thurs.   I will try to open my schedule after school so I can stay longer if students want to study.
  • Quick Review Topics suggested by students in blocks 7 and 8:
    • Lewis dot structures/shapes of molecules/sigma and pi bonds/polarity/intermolecular forces
    • kinetics/rate
    • periodic trends
    • buffers
    • titration of diprotic/triprotic acids

Ch1 Test and Finish Gummi Bear Lab

  1.  Today, students wrote a test on chapter 1 – Cells and the Microscope.
  2. Finish the Gummi Bear lab measurements.  What did you learn about osmosis?  Answer the reflections questions on the back of your lab handout.
  3. Reminder:  Measles Vaccination on Tuesday–bring your forms.  Core Competency Chats on Wednesday – bring your portfolios.  Goal Day on Thursday –come in the morning from 8:30-11:30, the earlier the better!

Shapes of Molecules

  1.  Warm Up!
  2. I will be able to determine the shape of molecules and their polarity.  See block 1 notes here:  Finding the Shapes of Molecules
  3. Activity:  build molecules using the molecular model kits
  4. Do:  Electron Structures Worksheet in your Unit 8 package.  Use the Whitwell High handout of the molecular shaped to help you determine the shapes of the molecules you are drawing.  Also include whether you think the molecule is polar or non-polar.  See copy of handouts here:  Electron Dot Structures Worksheet and Whitwell High Molecular Geometry Table
  5. Contest:  Elements – you can win a bottle of Glow-Bright!  due by May 1.

Ch20 Test

  1.  Hand in ch20 notes and review worksheet.
  2. Today, student wrote the ch20 test.
  3. Next class:  bring old AP exam questions to work on.  Are there any topics you would like me to review with you?

Gummi Bear Lab and Ch1 Review

  1.  Go over chapter 1 (sec.1.3) worksheet pages.
  2. Activity:  Gummi Bear Lab – Day 1
  3. Make study notes for ch1 and bring them on Friday!
  4. Chapter 1 test on Friday.
  5. Goal Day on May 2 – make sure you have completed any “I” standings and finish any assignments for Term 3 so far.  You can stay after school to complete your assignments Monday-Thurs.

Ch20 Review

  1.  Quiz on Balancing Redox Reactions
  2. Block 7: Redox Reactions Gone Bad! and how to prevent/reduce it from happening…
  3. Block 8:  Redox Titrations

4.  Finish your ch20 notes and Ch20 Review worksheet.  Mark your answers (already posted on previous blog)

5.  Ch20 test next class (Wed) will cover everything except balancing equations.

Review of Chapter 1

  1.  Warm Up!  Can you match the parts of the cell?
  2. Video:  Parts of the Cell, Cellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis and

3.  Finish any assignments with an “I” standing, assignments you have not completed yet, or do corrections for assignments that are less than an “FM (Fully Meets Expectations)” standing.

4.  Finish the worksheets in your chapter 1 booklet.

5. Make a one page study sheet.  The Ch1 test will be on Friday, April 26.  You will be allowed to use your one page study sheet for the test.

Periodic Trends – Atomic Radii, Ionization Energy, Electronegativity

  1.  Using the principles of attraction and repulsion, I will be able to explain the patterns of atomic radii, ionization energy, and electronegativity as you move down a group (top to bottom) or across a row (left to right).  See notes from block 3 here:  Periodic Trends or notes from Block 4 here:  Warm Up Periodic Trends
  2. Do:  Finish the worksheet “Periodic Trends”.  See copy of it on last day’s blog.
  3. Do:  #48. 49. 51. 53 in your workbook.
  4. Some good videos: