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Lab 6B Day 1

  1.  Reminder: Assessments for Term 2 are due today.
  2. Prelab check!
  3. Do:  Lab 6B Steps 1-9 (Day 1).  Filter your precipitate, wrap it, label it, and let it dry until next class.
  4. In the meantime, you do the calculations for:  Questions and Calculations #1ab, 2-4, 6  and Follow Up Questions #1-4.
  5. Next class, we will weigh the chalk you made and finish the calculations.
  6. Wed – lab due and review of Unit 7
  7. Friday, March 8 – Unit 7 test

Finish Ch5 Challenge Activity

  1.  Reminder:  If you have assignments or I standings to complete, you can come in after school and/or during Flex Day.
  2. Hand in chapter 5 worksheets and 4 activities. (Act 5-5, 5-3, 5-7, 5-8 and questions)
  3. Finish challenge activities.  If you need more time to complete the level, you can come in after school Wed, Thurs or during Flex Day.

Percent Purity and Percent Yield

  1.  I will be able to calculate the percent purity and percent yield of a substance.
  2. See block 1 class notes here:  Percentage Purity and Percentage Yield
  3. Video that shows a thermite reaction:

4.  Do:  Prelab for Lab 6B.  Note changes:  For step 3, we will use about 45mL of sodium carbonate instead of 75 mL, and in step 4, we will use about 30mL of calcium chloride instead of 50mL.  See copy of lab here:  Lab 6B

5.  Tentative schedule:  Thurs Feb 28 – Lab 6B Day 1;   Mon. March 4 – Lab 6B Day 2; Wed. March 6 – lab due and review of Unit 7;  Fri. March 8 – Unit 7 test.

Review of Ch17

  1.  Reminder: Ch17 Test next class on Titrations (about 3-4 Q’s) , Buffers (1 Q?), and Ksp (2-3 Q’s) . It will be all written.
  2. Reminder:  Ch17 notes and marked and corrected Review WS due Wed.
  3. Any Q’s from ch17 review worksheet?
  4. In-class group quiz – how did you do?  What concepts need more review?
  5. Here is the answer key to the Ksp worksheet:  Solubility Problems Worksheet

Challenge Activity Day 1

  1.  Reminder:  Term 2 assignments/assessments due by Thurs. Feb.28.  Come in during Goal Morning (Tuesday), Flex Day (Thurs), and after school Monday-Thurs. until 4pm to complete any assessments and I standings for Term 2.
  2. I handed back assignments for students to make any corrections.
  3. Students should hand in their ch5 worksheet package along with the 4 completed activities.
  4. Do:  Challenge activity!  Level 1 – Mirror Maze;  Level 2 – Mirror Island (locate the treasure) and Level 3 – Hit the Dog (where to put 5 mirrors in order for the light to shine on the dog)

Finish ch5 Assignments

  1.  I handed back your activities for ch5 so far.  If you have a stamp, your assignment is complete and fully meets expectations.  If you don’t have a stamp, there are still parts that you are missing or need to correct.  Hand it back in after you have completed the assignments.
  2. Finish ch5 worksheets.
  3. When done, paperclip the ch5 worksheets along with the 4 activities and hand in.
  4. Next class:  we will do the challenge activity!
  5. If you have an “I” standing for any of the units we covered so far, make sure you come in after school this week and/or next week, Goal morning, and Flex Day to address the I standing and pass the unit.