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Prelab 5C

  1. Whiteboards Warm Up!
  2. Do:  Prelab for Lab 5C.  Along with your usual prelab sections, include:  predictions for each reaction.  Write a balanced equation and identify the type of reaction you think is happening.  See copy of the lab here:  Lab 5C
  3. I will be able to explain energy changes in reactions.
  4. Read section VI.6 and do #68-80 (even #s)
  5. Quiz on Balancing Equations – Wed. Feb. 6


  1.  Go over science experiment scenarios in preparation of judging science fair projects.
  2. Demo: how to do a titration
  3. Block 8 – Lab 20G Part 1
  4. Block 7 – will do Lab 20G Parts 1 and 2 on Friday.  Be efficient!

The Law of Reflection

  1.  Fill out 5 marking rubrics for the science fair with your name(s), block, and title/topic of your project
  2. Go over chapter 4 tests.
  3. I will be able to explain the Law of Reflection.  I will be able to draw ray diagrams to show how light is reflected and can measure the angles of incidence and reflection.  See class notes here:  Reflection vs. Refraction
  4. Do:  Activity 5-5.  Follow the instructions carefully.  See information here:  Activity 5-5 The Law of Reflection

Types of Chemical Reactions

  1.  Warm Up!  – balance chemical equations.
  2. I will be able to identify the type of chemical reaction and predict the products that form.
  3. Read Unit VI.5 and do practice questions #66 (a-e) and #67(a-c, e, g)
  4. Note: if you feel you need more practice with mole conversions (anything from Unit V), come after school to get tutoring help.  If you want to write a retest, you can go over your corrections and do extra practice after school.

Ch16 Test Part 2

  1.  Today, students wrote the Ch16 Test Part 2 on Ka, Kb, and Salt Hydrolysis.
  2. Hand in ch16 notes and review worksheet (marked and corrected)
  3. Finish the prelab for Lab 20G Parts 1-4 only
  4. If there is time, you can start Part 1 and make the primary standard solution of oxalic acid.

Law of Conservation

  1.  Go over any questions you have from Unit V, the molarity pre-test, etc…
  2. Reminder:  Goal Day tomorrow is my mid-Term 2 deadline for any assignments or tests you need to complete.  Retests/test will start at 12:30pm.
  3. I will be able to apply the Law of Conservation.
  4. Activity:  Prove the Law of Conservation is true or false!
  5. See notes from Block 1 here:  Law of Conservation
  6. Do:  Read section VI.1 to VI.3 and do #4 and pick a minimum of 5 questions from #7-52 to do for practice.


  1.  Demo:  Buffers – how they prevent drastic changes in pH.
  2. Do:  Prelab for Lab 20G.
  3. Reminder:  Goal Day on Wed.  12:30pm is the start of retest (written section) for the acids and bases test.
  4. Reminder:  Ch16 Ka,Kb,and Salts test on Friday.