Monthly Archives: December 2018

Moles Test

  1.  Students wrote the Moles Test today (converting between moles, mass, number of particles, and volume of a pure substance)
  2. Finish Lab 4B prelab for Friday (see last day’s blog for a copy of the lab).  Complete it BEFORE you come to class or you will not have enough time to complete the lab.


Sec 2.4 Assessment

  1.  Go over “What is Matter?” Worksheet.
  2. Open notebook assessment for section 2.4 on the History and Parts of the Atom.  Staple your speech bubble notes to your test.
  3. HW:  Work on your science fair project!  What do you need to do next?
  4. Next class:  we will be going to the library to do some simulations on Waves, Energy, and Color.

Molar Volume

  1.  Finish Moles Inquiry group lab report and hand in.
  2. I will be able to calculate the volume of a pure substance.  See block 3 notes here:  Molar Volume
  3. Read p.82-83 and do #11-12, #15-17 (Q’s with STP), and #22-24
  4. Moles Qu-est will be on Wed. Dec. 19

What is Matter Made Of? – Atoms!

  1.  Videos – review of the History of the Atom

Video:  How Small is the Atom?

2.  I will be able to explain how the atom is made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  I will be able to explain how the subatomic particles are made of quarks and leptons.

3.  Finish your speech bubble notes and the Worksheet.  If you need extra time to finish it, you can come after school to use the textbooks or you can take a photo of the pages you still need.

4.  Next class: we will mark the worksheet and complete Worksheet #2

5.  Next week:  Section 2.4 assessment – you will be allowed to use your notes and worksheet that are in your binder!

6.  In the meantime, continue working on your science fair projects.