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Rainbow Lab write up

  1.  Go to the computer lab to finish writing your Rainbow Lab group lab.  Please make sure you have checked the criteria for the write-up.  It is a formal lab.  Use the list from last day’s blog of what to include into your analysis.
  2. Demo:  My Chemistry Pumpkin
  3. Go over ch14 tests and do corrections.  Go over retests to see how you did.
  4. Heads up!  Qu-est on Le Chatelier’s Principle next week.

Scientific Method Scenarios

  1.  I will be able to identify the independent and dependent variable, the control group, and controls for a controlled experiment.
  2. Go over the SpongeBob Worksheet.
  3. Demos:  Physical and Chemical Properties and a bit of Chemistry magic!
  4. Do:  Worksheet “Cleaning Up Soiled Sites”  See copy here:  Clenaing Up Soiled Sites
  5. Quiz next class on how to design a controlled experiment – scientific method scenarios

Lab 2D write up and review

  1.  Quizlet live!  Review of key vocabulary in Unit III.
  2. Demos:  Chemical Changes – Floo Powder (from Harry Potter movie) – how movie “magic” is often based on science!

3. Finish Lab 2D write up – see last day’s blog for instructions.  Lab reports are due next class (Thurs)

4.  Reminder:  Retests for Unit II are after school today.  You should have already completed your test corrections, done some extra practice, and talked to me!

5.  I will be able to draw a heating and cooling curve for a pure substance and a mixture.  Read section III.5 and do #60-61.




Rainbow Lab

  1.  Hand in Equilibrium #3 Worksheet.
  2. Do:  Rainbow Lab
  3. Do:  In your groups of 3-4, you will hand in a group lab (using google docs would be helpful!).  You should include pictures, diagrams, equations, graphs in your lab report.  The analysis should include for EACH color produced:

a) balanced equation

b) identify the stress ion

c) use collision theory to explain what is happening at the molecular level.  Include a diagram that shows this.  See example here:

d) explain what is happening to the forward and reverse rates

e) explain the direction of the equilibrium shift

f) what color is seen as a result of the shift

g)  include a diagram of concentration vs. time.  See example here:

h) include a diagram of forward and reverse rate vs. time.  See example here:



Library Session #3 – Developing Science Fair Project Ideas

  1.  Today, students had the opportunity to continue to brainstorm project ideas for their science fair project and/or narrow their choice of ideas and start developing their project.
  2. When you have decided upon a topic/question, talk to your teacher!!!  She needs to approve your idea before you continue.
  3. To help you develop your idea, here is a list of questions for you to consider:  Journal Entry when you have chosen your topic

Lab 2D – Chromatography

  1.  Lab 2D – Paper Chromatography.  Which food colorings are pure substances and which are mixtures?  Calculate the Ratio of Fronts and see if any of the food colorings match the ones in the table in your lab manual.
  2. Do:  Calculations – calculate the Rf values for each component color that separated; Questions #2-5 (p.28-29), Follow-Up Questions #1-3 (p.29), Possible Sources of Error, and Conclusion.  You will have time next class to finish your lab write up.
  3. In the meantime, continue reading your workbook sections, organizing your information, and doing your practice questions!

Scientific Method

  1.  Go over ch7 test.  If you need more time to go over your test, please come after school.
  2. Library recap:  we talked about academic honesty and giving credit when we use someone else’s ideas or work.  We can give credit by keeping a Works Cited (bibliography) and using EasyBib is one way to keep track of your citations.  We learned how to use library resources and then students had time to brainstorm project ideas.
  3. Do:  Spongebob Worksheet that has science project scenarios.  Can you identify what they changed?  What they measured?  etc…  See copy here:  SpongeBob Controls and Variables Part 1
  4. Next class, will be our final class in the library to develop project ideas for your science fair project.  Project ideas are due by Goal Day (in Nov)

Rainbow Lab Prelab

  1.  Go over Equilibrium #3 WS Questions #1 in class.  Hand in Q#4 next class.  Include:  collision theory, how it affects rates, which way it shifts and how it affects the highlighted species.  Include a concentration vs. time graph to show the changes in the concentration when the stress is added at time t.
  2. Prelab for the Rainbow Lab.  See copy here:  Rainbow Lab Prelab   Be prepared to do the lab next class!

How to Separate Mixtures

  1.  Go over the results of the Activity on Physical and Chemical changes from last class.
  2. Any questions from the workbook readings or practice questions?
  3. I will be able to suggest ways to separate mixtures.
  4. Demos:  how to separate mixtures
  5. Read Unit III.4
  6. Do:  # III.47, III.53-56
  7. Do:  Prelab 2D for next class (that means having the Title to the Data and Observations sections already written out BEFORE coming to class on Friday).  See copy of lab here:  Lab 2D Separation of a Mixture by Paper Chromatography
  8. Note:  Retests for Unit II will be on Thurs.Oct 25 during the Flex period OR on Tuesday, Oct 30 after school.  Make sure you have done your test corrections, identifies what you need to study, have done some practice questions, and then come talk to me!
  9. Some good videos: