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Ch6 Quantum Test

  1.  Hand in chapter 6 Notes and Review Worksheet (that has been marked and corrected)
  2. Students wrote a test for chapter 6 today.
  3. After Spring Break, we will continue with chapter 7!
  4. If you are in Chemistry 11 and want to take AP Chem 12 next year, please make sure you are keeping up with our class and arranging times to write the chapter tests.  This is to ensure you are prepared for AP Chem next year and won’t be behind.

Ch6 Test – Vision and the Eye

  1.  Hand in:  Comparing Visions Project
  2. Hand in:  Eye Dissection lab booklet with questions answered
  3. Hand in:  Vision Lab
  4. Hand in:  Term 2 Assessment and Work Habits Rubric
  5. Students wrote a test on Vision and the Eye today
  6. Enjoy Spring Break! 🙂

Salt Hydrolysis

  1. Interesting podcast from the director of undergraduate admission at UBC talking about the truths and myths of how Canadian universities make admissions decisions.  See link here:
  2.  I will be able to predict whether a salt solution will form an acidic, basic, or neutral solution.
  3. See class notes here:  Salt Hydrolysis Day 2  (this is a continuation of the notes from last class)
  4. Do:  Prelab for Lab 20D.  See copy of lab instructions here:  Lab 20D.  Make a LARGE chart for your data table (see copy of it here:  Lab 20D Prelab chart) It is different than the one in the instructions).  Predict whether the salt will form an acidic, basic, or neutral solution.  We will do the lab when we return from spring break.

Quiz 2 and Review

  1.  Quiz 2 on Thermodynamics
  2. Go over ch19 review worksheet.  See answers here:  Ch19 Review Worksheet Answer Key
  3. Ch19 Test next class.  Here is a brief outline:  Major topics:  enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs Free Energy, and how they are related used to help predict the type of reaction (spontaneous, non spontaneous, equilibrium) and how they can be used to predict the equilibrium constant (K).  Check your equation/data table for the equations that are there and know how to use them!  Format:  about 15 mc question and 1-3 written questions (with parts to them).

More Electron Configurations and the Mystery of Quantum Numbers

  1.  We went over the Electron Configuration Worksheet.  Ask a classmate for the answers and check your work.
  2. I will be able to explain the 4 quantum numbers and what they mean.
  3. I will be able to write the electron configurations of ions.
  4. Do:  ch6 review worksheet – we will go over the answers and questions you have next class.  You can check your answers here ONLY if you have already done the questions!  Ch6 Review Worksheet Answers
  5. Ch6 Test on Friday

Library Research

  1.  Today, students met in the library to research the vision system of their chosen “creature”.  Remember that you can access the library databases from home, too!
  2. See p.235 in your textbook for the project outline.  You will be making a Venn diagram to compare and contrast human vision to your creature’s vision.  Include visuals/diagrams!
  3. The project is due on Friday.
  4. Section 6.1 Test on Friday (Vision and the Eye)
  5. Wed:  Sheep Eye Dissection