Monthly Archives: February 2018

Sections 1-11 Review

  1. Fizz Quiz
  2. Do:  Review worksheets that cover sections 1-11.  See copy here with answer keys:  Self-Test 1 answer keypH Intro Basic MathpH Intro Basic Math answer key
  3. Mid-Unit Test on Tuesday will be all multiple choice (probably about 30Q’s) that cover sections 1-11.  Know definitions and characteristics of acids and bases; how to identify conjugate acid and base pairs; determine the strength of acids and bases; calculate the pH, pOH, hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations.

Ch5 Review

  1.  We went over ch5 review worksheet answers.
  2. Do:  corrections for the worksheet and finish your Cornell notes.
  3. Study!  Ch5 test next class.  There will be about 20mc Q’s based on all of ch5.  There will be about 4-5 written questions, based on calculations.  (Hint:  There are 4 ways to find enthalpy)

Ch5 Assessment activities: Hit the Target!

  1.  Activity #1:  Mirror Maze.  Using the Law of Reflection, figure out the path of light as is reflects off different mirrors to reach its target.
  2. Activity #2:  Mirror Island
  3. Activity #3:  Hit the Dog
  4. Reminder:  Make sure you have completed the 4 labs and workbook pages and handed them in.  You can do corrections and resubmit your work.  It must be completed by Feb.28.
  5. Reminder:  Goal morning is on Tues. Feb.27 from 8:40-10am.  Come in to complete your assignments, to ask questions, etc….



  1.  Go over questions to ch17 review worksheet.  The answers are posted in last day’s blog.
  2. Test outline:  all written;  major topics covered:  1-3Q’s on titrations, 1Q selective ppt, 1-2Q’s Ksp, 1Q buffer
  3. If you are interested in writing the Chem13 News contest, please look at their website, look at the Q’s on previous contests, and then register with me if you are interested.  See website:

Hit the Target!

  1.  Go over some of the workbook pages for ch5.
  2. Have you handed in all your labs and workbook?  You should have completed: Reflection Lab, Refraction Lab, Curved Mirrors Lab (5-7), Curved Lenses Lab (5-8).  You can do your corrections and resubmit your lab activity.  If you need to gather data and observations, you can come after school on Mon/Thurs or come during the Goal morning (Feb.27)
  3. Students had extra time to finish their assignments.  If you need extra help/time, they can come on Goal Morning, 8:40am on Tues. Feb.27