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Day 2 – The Christmas Cookie Caper

  1.  Students finished making observations of the 6 powders and 3 unknown mixtures and did the heat test today.  Based on your observations, which unknown mixture is Mrs. Claus’ recipe mixture?
  2. Do:  work on your science fair projects!  If you have questions, you can email me and I will check periodically
  3. Video:

Ch3 Moles Test

  1.  Hand in ch3 Notes and Review Worksheet (marked, corrected)
  2. Students wrote the ch3 test on Moles (Stoichiometry, applications, etc…)
  3. If you are all up to date, have handed in all your assignments and labs for term 2, you have no homework! (yay!)
  4. If you want to read ahead and start on notes for ch4, you absolutely can!  We have already completed about 75% of ch4 (Single and Double Replacement reactions, Molarity)
  5. Otherwise, enjoy your holidays!  Merry Christmas! 🙂

Salt Hydrolysis

  1.  Quick Review
  2. Activity – Testing the acidity/basicity of metal oxides and non-metal oxides.  What is the pattern?
  3. I will be able to determine the pH of a salt solution.  See block 5 notes here:  Salt Hydrolysis
  4. Do:  Prelab 20D data tables (modified) for Monday when we return to class!  see instructions here:  Lab 20D

Ch3 Review (again!)

  1.  Warm up!  Three questions:  can you solve them?   See a copy here:  Review questions and an answer key here:  Review questions answer key
  2. Hand in ch3 notes and review worksheet next class.
  3. Ch3 Test Outline:  about 8 questions, all written.  The focus will be on moles and applications (i.e. empirical and molecular formulas).  You should know how to do the calculations for the 4 spokes of the mole wheel and how to use mole ratios.
  4. If you have questions, you can go to TNT after school on Thursday.

Christmas Cookie Mystery – Day 1

  1.  If you still have assignments to hand in, please complete them by the end of this week!
  2. Case 1225:  The Case of the Christmas Cookie Mystery – Day 1.  Help Mrs. Claus figure out which batch of baking supplies holds the actual ingredients to her famous Christmas cookies.

Lab 16D

  1.  Do:  Lab 16D.  Check to see if your predictions were correct.
  2. Do:  For each DIFFERENT precipitate, write a formula equation, complete ionic equation, and net ionic equation.
  3. Do:  Prelab for 16E (the bonus mark lab!)  You should read the instructions so you know what you are doing and make data tables to collect your information.  See copy here:  Lab 16E

Ch3 Review

  1.  Go over ch3 review worksheet.  Mark it (so I can see what is correct and incorrect) and do corrections (not just the correct answer but also try to identify what mistake was made). See answers here:  Ch3 Review Worksheet Answers
  2. Video:

3.  I will be able to use molar volume to calculate the volume or moles of a substance.  See class notes here:  Molar Volume

4.  Extra Review  (mole basics):  Moles PreTest 2016Moles preTest 2016 answer keyMolarity PreTest Worksheet and the answers only are on the second page.  For full answers to #1-3, see:  Molarity Worksheet Pretest Answers.  Note that for questions #4 and 5, the questions were changed.

5.  Extra Review (stoichiometry):  Moles_Hebden Practice Worksheet and Moles_Hebden Practice Worksheet Answers