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Bernoulli’s Principle and Finish ch8 project

  1.  Did you hand in your Term 1 reflection?
  2. Go over Experiments Quiz
  3. I will be able to explain and apply Bernoulli’s Principle.

4.  Activity:  Making a piece of paper “lift” by blowing down on it.

5.  Demo:  how to make 2 balloons touch by blowing between them.

6.  Finish ch8/9 project on Fluids, Forces, and Pressure.

7. Sign up for what example you want to share for “Show and Tell” next week.

Keq Calculations – Day 2

  1.  Warm Up!  Question #2 from Jan 1999 and #2 from June 1999 free response section.
  2. Finish the questions in your workbook!  Show your work.  If your answers do not match those in the answer key and you can’t figure out why, come see me.
  3. Do:  Term 1 Self Reflection and Goal Setting for Term 2
  4. Next class:  In class assignment

Lab 4B Day 1

  1. Hand in signed interim reports.
  2. Do:  Lab 4B Day 1 – you will keep the Cu(s) made and Fe nails used until next class so they have time to dry.  We will weigh them next class.
  3. Fill in the Term 1 self-reflection and hand in to me.
  4. In the meantime, at home, continue to do as many practice mole questions that you can.

Ch8/9 Project

  1.  Fill out the Term 1 reflections.
  2. Bring science fair journals for next class so I can read them.
  3. Fluid Systems Project:  see copy here:  Fluid Systems Project.  Projects are due next week and you will do your “show and tell” next week.  Try to choose what you want to present so we don’t have repeats of it.  See chapter 9 for ideas.

Keq Calculations

  1. Make sure you have handed in all your assignments for Term 1!  They are past due.
  2. I will be able to use the equilibrium constant, Keq, to calculate the initial or equilibrium amounts of reactants or products.  See handout here:  Equilibrium Calculations sample exercises  and class notes here:  Keq
  3. Read sections 6 and 7.  Do #31-35 for section 6, and #47-65 for section 7.  You can also finish the 2 sample questions on your worksheet that we did not have time to finish.

Prelab 4B

  1.  Read Lab 4B and prep the set up for the lab.  You will need to summarize the procedure and set up data tables to collect information.  See copy of lab here:  Lab 4B
  2. Go over balancing and types of reactions test and do corrections.
  3. Bring home interim reports, have your parent/guardian sign them, and return them to me.

Finishing Chapter 8

  1.  Quiz on Designing Experiments.
  2. Hand in “Drops of Water on a Penny” Lab.
  3. Go over section 8.2 worksheet (fill in the blank and calculations)
  4. Video:

5.  Science Fair planning.  In your journals, you should be able to answer:

  1.  Our question is:
  2. We are going to change: (independent variable)
  3. We are going to measure: (dependent variable)
  4. Materials we need:
  5. How we are going to test this:
  6. Timeline and setting goals: