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Quiz and Review

  1.  Quiz on reaction mechanisms.  Answer Key Worksheet 1.3 Reaction Mechanisms
  2. Study/review for the Unit I Test which will be next class (Wed. Oct. 25).  See copy of the review worksheet and answers here:  kinetics practice test 1 – answers
  3. Test Outline:  major topics:  measuring rate, factors that affect rate, collision theory, energy in reactions, reaction mechanisms.  The format will be:  about 30 mc questions,  free response section will focus on reactions mechanisms and energy in reactions.

Ch14 Test

  1.  Hand in ch14 Notes and ch14 Review Worksheet (marked and corrections done! Show what you have learned!)
  2. Ch14 Test
  3. What??? No homework this weekend?  Enjoy Mole Day on October 23 from 6:02am to 6:02pm.

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Chromatography and Naming Alkanes

  1.  Lab activity:  Using paper chromatography, determine whether the colour samples are pure substances or mixtures.  Calculate the Rf values for each colour.  See block 4 notes:  Chromatography – a method to separate mixture
  2. I will be able to write and name alkanes.  See notes here:  How to Name Alkanes
  3. Quiz next class on writing and naming ionic compounds, covalent conmpounds, hydrates and acids.  Memorize the polyatomic ions and charges!!!

Review of Ch14

  1.  Quiz on Reaction Mechanisms.  To see answers to the other questions go here:
  2. Go over ch14 review worksheet.  See copy of answers here:  Ch14 Review WS
  3. ch14 test next class.  Major topics include:  Calculating rate, rate law (and half life calc), Factors that Affect Rate and Collision Theory, Energy in Reactions, Reaction Mechanisms.  The format will probably be:  about 20 mc questions, free response section will have one rate law question, one energy in reactions question, and one reaction mechanism question.

Writing and Naming Covalent Compounds

  1.  Did you mark your own worksheet (Parts of the Atom) from last, last class?  The answer key is posted on last day’s blog.
  2. Fizz Quiz on writing and naming ionic compounds.
  3. I will be able to write and name hydrates, acids, and covalent compounds.  Memorize the prefixes from 1-10 for the covalent compounds.  See block 4 class notes here:  How to Write and Name Molecular Compounds
  4. Read the rest of chapter 2 and take notes.
  5. Finish your Ch1 test corrections and store it in your portfolio and put it into the filing cabinet.

Ch7 Test

  1.  Have you handed in all your assignments and labs so far this term?  If not, come after school and get caught up!
  2. Chapter 7 Test
  3. Students received a journal for their Science Celebration/Fair project.  Brainstorm things that you like and things that you are interested in.  What questions do you have about those topic areas?  What questions do you want to ask your teacher?  Write in your journal.