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Electrolytic Cells

  1.  Group quiz – second chance!  Do corrections and resubmit your answers.
  2. I will be able to explain the 3 types o electrolytic cells.  See block 6 notes here:  Electrolytic Cells – Block 6 notes
  3. Read section 13 and do #65-80
  4. This brings us to the end of the curriculum for Chem12!  Congratulations!
  5. Reminder:  Unit V test on June 5/6
  6. Final exam over 2 days:  June 12/13 and June 14/15
  7. Please clear up any “I” standings asap!  Book times to come write your retests.

Project #1 and #2 presentations

  1.  Collect textbooks.  If you forgot today, please bring them in asap!
  2. Presentations of your articles and molecular marvels.
  3. Hand in Pop Cell Challenge lab.
  4. Choose topics and format for project #3 and discuss with me.
  5. (Review: Organic chem if time)

Corrosion – Spontaneous Redox Reactions Gone Bad

  1. Group quiz
  2. I will be able to explain what causes corrosion and how to reduce/prevent corrosion
  3. Read section 12 and do #57-63.
  4. If you have an “I” standing, please come write your retests asap!  Your last opportunity to pass the course is the final exam.
  5. Handout:  sample final exam – try the question on electrochemistry for review!  A copy of it and the answers can be found here:

multiple choice questions:

multiple choice questions answer key:

free response questions:

free response answer key:

Reminder:  Final Exam worth 10% of your year mark will be held during the week of June 12  (written section on June 12/13 and mc section on June 14/15)


Pop Cell Lab Write-Up

  1.  Please bring textbooks, solution manuals, lab manuals, any anything else you have borrowed from me back so I can check them in.
  2. In your groups, write up the pop cell lab challenge.  I want to see included:  your brainstorm ideas,  the models you tested, changes you made, why you made them, what worked/didn’t work, etc…Basically, your documentation of what you learned.  You can present this in written form, in video form, etc…
  3. If your molecular model is complete, you can hang it in the room.  If you are ready to share it, you can!
  4. Next week:  breaking news and molecular models, write ups, and presentations due.

Unit 9 Pre-test

  1.  Do and discuss Unit 9 Pretest. See copy here:  Unit 9 Pretest Solution Chemistry and some answers here:  Unit 9 Pretest Answers
  2. Test outline:  (test is on Friday, May 26)
    1. Major topics:  solution chemistry vocabulary, conductivity of solutions, polarity and intermolecular forces (also see section 8.3!), “like dissolves like”, calculate the concentration of ions in solution.
    2. Format:  about 25 multiple choice question;  written section will have a question similar to the 8.3 Quest (like a retest of 8.3).  You will need to identify the type of intermolecular force.  There will be a question to calculate the concentration of ions in solution.  There may be a question relating to intermolecular forces (or it will be included in the mc quetion section)

Pop Cell Battery Challenge

  1.  Achieve the greatest “potential”!  Create the “best” battery using a pop can as part of the battery (it cannot be only decorative).  Document your ideas, process, results, etc.
  2. Next class:  you will have time to write your group lab and analysis of your results.  Why did you think one method was better than the other?  Why did you make the changes you did?  What would you do next?
  3. Reminder:  next week the breaking news and molecular marvels projects are due.  Be prepared to share!  We will also be reviewing and extending our unit on organic chemistry from last year.