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Predicting Whether a Ppt will Form

  1.  Go over Titrations and Buffers Qu-est and do corrections.
  2.  Term 2 final average.
  3. I will be able to predict whether a precipitate will form or not.
  4. Do:  Worksheet “Solubility Problems”  #5-6 are based on today’s topic.  #1-4, 7-8 are based on the last lesson.  #9-12 are based on section 17.1 (common ion effect) and #13-14 are based on titrations that form a precipitate.
  5. Next class:  Challenge activity–find the Ksp of of PbI2.
  6. And since we didn’t have time to listen to the Science Love Song, here it is:

Prelab 6B and Stoichiometry

  1.  Video:

2.  Prelab 6B.  See copy of the lab here:  Lab 6B  Note changes to the lab:

a) Use 45.0mL of 0.60M Na2CO3 and 30.0mL of 0.40M CaCl2.

b) Prelab format:  Title, Purpose, Materials, Procedure (summarize using pictures and words), Data and Observations table

c) Prelab questions:

  1. Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction you will be doing in the lab.
  2. Calculate the number of moles of Na2CO3 used.
  3. Calculate the number of moles of CaCl2 used.
  4. Which is the limiting reactant?  Prove it by calculating the amount of precipitate formed.

3.  Finish questions from sections 1-3 (last class) in your workbook.

Lab 20B Analysis

  1.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here is a Science Love Song for you:

2.  Acid Base Study Guide of multiple choice questions.  Here is the link to the whole study guide with the answers at the end.  Note:  #7 answer should be C:

3.  Lab 20B Analysis.  Here are discussion notes from block 1:  Lab 20B Review

4.  There will be a Lab 20B quiz next week.

Lab 20B

  1.  Warm Up questions!
  2. Go over Self-Test worksheet answers
  3. Do:  Lab 20B.  Rank the 13 solutions from strongest acid to weakest acid.
  4. Check your Term 2 progress report.  Make sure you are up to date.  Any term 2 assessments are due by Thurs. Feb. 16.
  5. I will post a test outline soon!  Check back this weekend.

Unit VI Test

  1. Have you hand in Lab 5C yet?
  2. Today, students wrote the Unit VI Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions test.
  3. Reminder:  if you have assessments for term 2, you have until Thurs. Feb 16 to complete it.  (Completing it earlier is better!)

Ch17 Review

  1.  Hand in Lab 20G
  2. Go over ch17 review worksheet (the questions we can do so far).  See answer key here:  Ch17 review worksheet answer key and class notes from block 4 here:  Titrations Review.  Here is also the answers to the titration practice problems worksheet (the handwritten one):  TITRATION PRACTICE PROBLEMS ANSWER KEY
  3. Sample AP Questions from 2000 and 2014.  Check the answer key yourself online!
  4. Mid-Ch17 test postponed to Tuesday.  There will be no retest for this, so be prepared!
  5. For those of you who are checking ch17 textbook answers, you can find them online here: (I hope it’s a reputable site)
  6. Test outline:  As I am finalizing the test outline, I think it will be more of a qu-est, with the option of retesting topics at the end of the chapter.  I would like to have at least one main question on buffers and one main question on titrations, both having smaller parts to it.  It will be all written, no mc.