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Review of Ch17

  1.  Sign up for Chemistry contests:

a) CCC Contest (Canadian Chemistry Contest)- April 10, free; cash prizes

b) CCO Contest (Olympiad) – April 10, free; can be considered for the Canadian Chemistry Olympic team to compete in Thailand this year.

c) Chem13 News Contest (Waterloo) – May 11, cost $5

d) Thompson Rivers University contest – May 17, free (may sign you all up for this!)

**Please register (and bring fee) by Spring Break!

2.  Hand in exploration reports:  Ksp and Mystery Ion activities

3.  Finish ch17 review WS for next class.

4.  Intro to ch19 – Thermodynamics.  See block 4 notes here:  2017 What do I Remember

5.  Ksp test postponed to Tues. March 7


  1.  pH Scale of common household products.
  2. Quiz on pH and pOH to give you feedback on how you are doing so far.
  3. Review WS:  Acid #2 WS #1-5 and mc Q’s in the study guide.

Percent Yield/Percent Purity

  1.  Hand in Lab 6B.
  2. I will be able to calculate the percent yield (or percent purity) of a product made.
  3. Do:  #33-38
  4. Next class:  “pre-test” for Unit VII
  5. Unit VII test on March 2
  6. Goal morning next class from 8:40am-10am.  Come ask questions, study, finish work, etc…

pH Game

  1.  Reminder:  Goal Morning from 8:30-10am to ask questions, study, catch up on work, write tests, write retests, etc… on Tues. Feb.28
  2. pH Game
  3. Go over study guide – finish filling in the sample questions and charts
  4. Make sure you are up to date!  We have completed Unit IV sections 1-12.  Some good pH practice Q’s:  #49-57.
  5. Quiz on pH, pOH next class.
  6. Mid-Unit IV test beginning of March!


  1.  Explore/Investigate:

a) Find the Ksp (or Ksp range) of PbI2.

b) Mystery Ion challenge:  identify the cation (#1-30) and anion (#31-60).

For each exploration, justify how you came to your conclusion.

Hand in your lab (can hand in one per group).

2.  In the meantime, work on ch17 review questions.  Rest of ch17 test (Ksp) projected for Friday, March 3

Finish Lab 6B

  1.  Practice question: Limiting Reactants and calculating how much reactant is in excess.  See block 5 notes here:  Practice Limiting Reactant Question
  2. Finish Lab 6B by weighing your sample of chalk.  Finish the questions for the lab (they are not the same as the questions in the lab manual).  See copy of questions here:  Lab 6B Questions and Calcuations.  I have added #9 to the list from last class.  Summarize what you found in the conclusion.  Remember to communicate clearly!
  3. Lab due:  next class
  4. Unit VII test on March 2.  Ask questions during class or come after school for tutoring.

Wise words from one of our grads….

  1.  Visit from Andy.  Thanks for your words of wisdom regarding learning, life, post-high school life.
  2. I will be able to selectively precipitate ions in a solution.
  3. Read the rest of ch17 and take notes.
  4. Do:  prep Ksp activity.  See here:  Lab – Mystery Ion
  5. Do:  prep Mystery Ion activity
  6. Do:  finish rest of ch17 WS to be marked next week.  Ch17 test on Ksp is coming up soon!

Lab 6B

  1.  Prelab check!
  2. Do:  Lab 6B – Making Chalk.  Remember we downsized the amounts of CaCl2 and Na2CO3 for the lab.
  3. Label your product and put into the bucket to dry.  We will finish the lab next class.
  4. Questions for the lab:  Lab 6B Questions and Calcuations
  5. Please make sure you have read sections 1-3 of Unit VII and tried some questions in each section.  Continue reading and doing questions in sections 4-5.  Unit VII test – earliest will be March 2.