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Lab 20G Part 3 and 4

  1.  Using the molarity of NaOH you calculated in Part 2, find the molar mass of an unknown monoprotic weak acid (Part 3) and find the Ka of an unknown monoprotic weak acid (Part 4).
  2. Next class:  we will review how to mark science fair projects.  If you need time to finish the lab testing, you will have some time.
  3. Ch17 mid-unit test next week!

Intro to Acids and Bases

  1.  Warm Up!  Questions #17-21 from August 1999 provincial exam.  See link here:
  2. I will be able to identify acids and bases.  See block 1 notes here:  Acids and Bases – Definitions
  3. Reminder:  Ksp test on Thurs/Friday Feb 2/3.
  4. Reminder:  Goal Day tomorrow (Jan 31).  Come in to get tutoring or to write retests.

Lab 5C

  1.  Lab 5C – note changes to the lab.
  2.  Do:  Questions #1-6 (in sentences!  These questions wil help you determine whether your predictions were correct)
  3. Note:  Were your predictions consistent with your observations (i.e. if you predicted a gas would form, did you see evidence of it?  If you predicted O2 would form, did the test for O2 confirm it? etc…
  4. Conclusion:  For each reaction, write a balanced chemical reaction and identify the type of reaction it is.

Lab 20G Parts 1 and 2

  1.  Lab 20G Part 1 – make a primary standard solution of oxalic acid.  Note changes:  make 100.00mL instead of 250.00mL.
  2. Lab 20G Part 2 – standardize NaOH since NaOH is hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere (and you don’t know its exact molarity from dissolving the solid)
  3. Calculate the molarity of NaOH.  You will use this molarity for calculations in Parts 3 and 4.
  4. Do:  Titration Practice Problems worksheet for extra practice
  5. Upcoming test on first half of ch17 – around Feb 5/6/7
  6. Goal Day possible retest:  Keq test #4 only (uses gas laws);  Acids and Bases (ch16 part 1) mc and/or written;  Ka, Kb, Salts – #2 only on salt hydrolysis.  Let me know if you are coming on Goal Day to write these.

Intro to Acids and Bases

  1.  Any Q’s?  Warm Up!  Questions from previous provincial exams:  Jan 1999 and April 1999
  2. I will be able to describe characteristics of acids and bases
  3. Activity:  Identifying whether common household products are acidic or basic using a variety of indicators
  4. We will be covering Unit IV sections 1-7.  Read along and do some practice questions as you come across them.
  5. Reminder:  Goal Day – Jan 31.  Ksp Test Feb 3

Prelab 5C

  1.  Quick review of types of chemical reactions.  See block 8 notes here:  Review of Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions
  2. For those of you who like music/songs, here is a song about Chemical Reactions that is a parody of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

3.  Do:  Prelab for Lab 5C.  Write out the Title, Purpose, Materials, Procedure (summarize/pictures/flowchart), Predict what you think the reactions are, Data and Observations table (make it big!).  Here is a copy of the lab instructions:  Lab 5C

Review of Ksp

  1.  Reminder:  Goal Day on Tues Jan 31!  Come get tutoring!
  2. Warm up question #3 from Jan 1999 provincial exam free response section.
  3. Do:  Worksheet Review of Ksp.  See copy here:  Ch12Unit3Review and the answer key here:  Ch12Unit3ReviewKEY or the website:
  1. Note:  Ksp Test and Application on Thurs Feb 2 and Fri Feb 3

Finish Lab 20F and Titrations

  1.  Finish Lab 20F write up by writing a conclusion to your lab.  What did you learn from Parts 1, 2, and 3?
  2. Finish titration questions from your textbook. (33, 37, 41, 43).  See class notes here:  Lab 20F lab write up and titration practice question
  3. Do:  Prelab for Lab 20C and Lab 20G.  See a copy of the instructions :  Lab 20C and lab 20G
  4. Hand back Ka test and do corrections.  If you had trouble with #2, you can retest that one particular question next week after school.